Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Day The Leaves Fell . . .

Yesterday I went walking with my two legged mom.
We walked in the woods behind our house,
My TLM, (two legged mom) likes to walk back there.
I would rather walk on the road.
I know where to find my favorite "spots."
Today my TLM did something I don't like one bit.
She took me to that grooming place.
I tried to run the opposite direction when we got out of the car.
But, oh no, she scooped me up and took me in that place.
It is so noisy in there . . .
Well, I stuck it out and when we got back home.
There were piles of these all around the house.
I thought I might be able to play out outdoors
but TLM marched me in the house.
She was nice though, she fed me some lunch!
Whew . . .lunch was good but I am feeling like a snooze.
Might as well, TLM is going out to look at those leaf piles.

Where is she?
I can't find her.
Not out by the garden house,
not in the back yard
I see all the stuff she uses but I don't see her.
There is her rake, tarp, gloves, shoes
and plenty of those leaf things.

Sure is windy.
Where did all these leaves come from.


Guess I might as well snooze again . . . she looks busy! 
~ ~ ~

 We have gone from the colorful leaf display of the past few weeks.
To being dumped overnight with a "leaf storm" which was much like a snowstorm.
Strong wind gusts curtailed my efforts today. 
I did manage to haul 15 plus tarp full of leaves to the woods behind our house.
And blew tons of leaves into piles, hopefully for pick up tomorrow.
As I write this, a thunder, lightening, rain storm just arrived.
Now the leaves will be wet and harder to move.
The above is a leaf I found this morning.
Look at the size of that leaf, 3 times larger than my hand. 
Forgive the look of my arthritic hand, it is what it is..
~ ~ ~
Speaking of my hand/hands/finger.
Last week the surgeon who did my surgery "sprung" me free.
I can do most everything I could do before.
Knit, garden, my daily functions.
I have reduced ability to grip.
My writing is much different.
but all in all, I am very fortunate.
Life Is good and great , be well my friends.
Love, Lynne 



eileeninmd said...

Hi Lynne, looks like a busy time raking leaves. I just love your cute puppy dog. My hubby likes to use them for mulch, and will pile them in various places. We still have a lot of leaves on the trees yet. What kind of surgery did you have, it was on your hand? Take care and have a great weekend!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Gosh that leaf is big! What a war you are waging against those leaves ..... rather you than me!!
I'm so glad that you have a good report about your hand...just go careful my friend...don't hurt yourself raking up those leaves...perhaps your 4 legged daughter has more sense?!!

MarmePurl said...

Whoa...that is a big leaf!

The hand of a lovely woman. Take good care dear Lynne.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumn pictures. Monika B.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumn pictures. Monika B.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

wow that is the hugest leaf!! is that even a word? hugest? well, it is now!

looks like you have a lot of work ahead of yourself...too bad you can't get your little four-legged child to help rake!

i didn't know you had surgery...seems like you made a fine recovery!

take care of yourself!! have a great weekend!

babs said...

Twas a gorgeous day but, yes oh so windy. It was just a battle with the wind. Was wonderful being outside. The big chill is here now!

That leaf is huge!

Razmataz said...

Glad your hand is OK now...

You have a lot of leaves....lots of raking to do. Good thing your hand is cleared for hard work.

Anonymous said...

Fifteen tarps of leaves? OMGoodness! You must be exhausted, I know I would have been! Love your house and they way it is tucked into the trees... It's sooo sweet!

Glad the hand is doing better. Surgery could not have been a cake walk for you.

TexWisGirl said...

your leaf storm is beautiful, but yes, now that it is soggy, i'd hate to have to bag them or transport them to compost elsewhere.

i like pembrokshire lass' comment about your 4 legged daughter has more sense. maybe take today off!

Kerin said...

Hi Lynne..
what a great post! I love your home, and land, and all those leaves are awesome!
We have baby trees at our place (remember, the old sick trees had to be taken out) and not too many leaves.

Love that HUGE leaf... so cool.

I'm so happy that you have good use of your finger again!! Whew, what a blessing!!!
You are so blessed that it has healed and that you still have it, after your accident.

Warm wishes (it's just 13 degrees here this morning)


Jill said...

That's a lotta leaves! The big one is like no other leaf I have ever seen! How neat!

Don't work too hard, Lynne.

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Cute post! Poor Snickers, mom just didn't want you to get all dirty right after your bath!! And besides, looks like you'd be buried in those giant leaf piles! Glad your hand is better, stay positive and positive things will happen!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Lynne, I love your hands...They tell a story, Your hands first held your Mom"s hand, held a crayon, learned to write...Grew with you to learn to do so many things...soothed your children , cooked many meals, wrapped countless gifts...touched so many people...beautiful hands! I love seeing the world through snickers eyes, and that leaf, call the record books! Have a great weekend my friend! Love, Penny

dee dee said...

Oh I just love leaves! Yesterday was warm and beautiful and Wayne and I took a walk... I couldn't help myself walking through the leaves kicking my feet!
dee dee

Pondside said...

I'd love to take some of those leaves off your hands! They are so good for the garden, and we have so few leaves as we live in a cedar forest. I may resort to sneaking into town and raking leaves from strangers' yards!
I'm glad you're able to get back to normal - just take care.

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

What a cute four legged friend Lynne.

Pamela Gordon said...

Well, Snickers, your TLM is pretty good to you I think. :) I'm sure she didn't want you to get your newly groomed coat all dirty while she played in the leaves. You sure have a lot of leaves in your yard! And that oak leave is huge! Now, be a good little doggie and maybe your TLM will walk you on the sidewalk next time. Tell her I'm glad her hand is all better. Hugs. Pam

Missy George said...

Cute post..I love the TLM...Snickers is a very lucky 4LD...Somehow I missed your surgery..Hope all is well..

Heidi said...

Hello Lynne,
I just found your blog and it is beautiful and so is the sweet dog of yours. I am now your newest follower and am looking forward to your next postings.
Greetings from Indiana,
(I used to live in Michigan)