Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Photographer In The Making . . .

visited my daughter the other day
and while i was there
grandson jordon snapped a few pictures
with my iphone
here are some of his momma's flowers
jordon created this piece
a few years ago
i forgot the photos were on my phone
what do you think
a budding photographer in the midst
i wonder

tuesday i was treated to a birthday outing
my friend babs took me off
in her brand new equinox
to grand rapids
the first stop
the apple store
to pick up my new ipad
garden house hubby treated me for my birthday
it was on my wish list
and hubby checked it off
i have loved my original ipad
it was one of the early pads
from a few years ago
i use it for almost all my
photographs, emails, posting, recipes
and more
now i feel i have literally been left in
the cloud
as i try to sort out all the changes
i am finding in my new ipad
please be patient with me as
i sort it all out
we stopped at a few shops along the way
art of the table
a specialty retail shop full of gourmet foods

and enjoyed a fabulous lunch
at the electric cheetah


the cheetah was recommended
i was delightfully surprised
for me, the logo doesn't do justice to the
delicious food
i had the yahtzee

and before lunch
i made it an even happier day for me
when i found a coach handbag
it just had to come home with me
i have been looking for a new handbag
for many months
and this fits me perfectly

i have heard it been said
we can never, ever do enough for ourselves
and that my friends was
precisely what i did
enjoyed this happy day
 for myself

ta ta for now
with love




TexWisGirl said...

treated sweetly by others and yourself. now that's a good birthday. :)

and i do believe those photos are wonderful!

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, your grandson took beautiful photos! Love your new ipad and the new coach bag. Receiving presents, shopping and lunch with your friend make for a wonderful outing. Have a happy day!

MarmePurl said...

A budding photographer AND a daughter who has her mother's knack for floral combinations!
{I am still having SO much trouble with the smart phone...a tablet scares the dickens out of me. I stand in awe of your talents!}

Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous photos by your grandson and your birthday presents are absolutely PERFECT! I've seen that restaurant on Wealthy lots of times and have always been curious. Thanks for the review. Gorgeous purse. Have fun exploring your new iPad!!

babs said...

The day was perfect, wasn't it! Great recap!

Jill said...

So glad you had such a wonderful day and that you were treated so well.

Jordan's photos are beautiful1 I love the rock formation he created!

Elaine said...

The art installation is superb! Your day sounds perfect - and I really do like that handbag.

Retired Knitter said...

I love Coach bags as well. Just can't afford them anymore.

A Happy Day for you!

missy said...

Your grandson has quite a knack..Did he use your Ipad? Looks like you had a super birthday...Good for you..Love your bag too..

Pamela Gordon said...

The photos Jordon took are really good. The flowers are beautiful too! I'm glad you had such a fun day with your friend and got your wish for your birthday. Love the purse! :) Hugs, Pam said...

Jordon took great pictures.

Beautiful flowers.

Purse is nice.

How nice of a Birthday you had from your friend.

Happy Belated Birthday.