Friday, June 7, 2013

Blue Sky Birthday Days . . .

Beautiful Blue Skies
my kind of weather day
blue  pleasant  sunny

muskegon michigan
channel from lake michigan into muskegon lake

white sand beaches
kite flying
volley ball
sand castles
climbing the sand dunes
walking the shoreline
photo ops
vast white sand beaches
random fact
#1. i do not like sand on my feet . . .

muskegon lake
iced mocha
relaxing ride to the lake
played ball with snickers
created a blog post
evening with mr kennedy
random fact
#2.  life is fragile and short, do things you love to do

play ball whenever you can
random fact
#3.  snickers ball is one of her first favorites,
stitched and tied together,
washed often and cared for


 my mother and me

my dad and me
random fact

#4. i was born june 7, 1939 and really like these pictures


 one year old
random fact
#5.  i was a happy little girl and happy still . . .
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I like this quote

Wanting to reform the world without discovering
ones true self is like trying to cover the world
with leather to avoid the pain of
walking on stones and thorns.
It is much simpler to wear shoes.

Reflection June 7, 2013

- The Hindu Sage, Ramana Maharshi
The Book of Awakening
Mark Nepo


eileeninmd said...

Cute post, Lynne! I love the beach photos. No sand on your toes? Really?

You were adorable as a baby and very happy. I love the old photos too.

Snickers is so cute!
Enjoy your evening and I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

At Home in English Valley said...

Happy Birthday, dearest friend! Can it possibly be a year already? Wishing you happiness, sunshine and all the love you show to the world ( and me) right back to you. You were lovely then and now. Enjoy every moment. Love, Penny

TexWisGirl said...

oh, happy birthday, dear lynne! and hi to snickers!

MarmePurl said...

I think I knew this share a birthday with my mom. Happy Birthday to you Dear One. You are the best example I know of 'doing what you like to do because life is short'. You have taught us well.
Here's to happy beautiful days and no sand on your toes!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Precious photos, birthday girl. Wishing you a weekend of birthday celebrations.

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photos Lynne. I love those white sand beaches and they aren't even down south!! What precious pictures of you and your parents and the one of you at age one is just adorable! Happy Birthday again. Blessings, Pam

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet! I don't mind the sand as long as it doesn't go into the car with me. must brush off before going home.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Lynne! May you have many more.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Lynne. Hoping your weekend is as rewarding as today was.

barb said...

Happy birthday Lynne. I love sand on my feet, like a pumice stone

Barb said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Finally blue skies. Love you my friend!

Bonnie said...

Happy happy birthday! I hope you continue to celebrate through the weekend and next week. I know Snickers is waiting for some birthday cake:)

Heather said...

Well, did I ever pick a perfect day to try and catch up with reading posts... Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day! Cheers~

My name is Riet said...

Happy belated birthday Lynne. What an adorable baby you were and the photo's of you and your mom and dad are priceless.
Have a nice weekend

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I was not a happy baby. Hmm. In fact, I was a tyrant. Lol.

gowestferalwoman said...

Happy random birthday!!!

And growing up as a fib in northern Il- i loved our trips to lake Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! The beach is so white. Iced mocha sounds good. How sweet to have a special toy, and someone to maintain it. :) Snickers is blessed to have you.

Missy George said...

Happy belated birthday Lynne..Mollie has a couple of toys that are stitched and tied together as well..Love the vintage (better than old) pictures..Thanks for sharing..Lovely beach

Gracie O'Tripp said...

I love the composition of the color bands on your white sand lake photos.
I am sorry about your pooch Paws. We recently lost a pet too and know how it hurts.