Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stepping Out Of My Box . . .

oh ya, I had to step out of the box just a bit
daughter suzie wanted new cushions for her garden table chairs
i looked high and low for round chair cushion replacements
 not many to be found

so daughter suzie asked me if I could recover
the cushions for her

sure, I could do that
no problem

suzie picked out the fabric
and I began the project
now let me tell you 
i can sew
but it has been a long while
first i had to figure out
"the how"
i received expert advice from
"the three jays"
my friend jackie, johanna of joann's and hubby, jack 

i set up my sewing area on the kitchen island
tape measure, scissors, material, cushions
and of course, the sewing machine

quite the project to figure out for this amateur
i thought i would just cut two circles
stitch them together and stuff the cushions in

friend jackie set me straight
 two circles, the top one larger
the bottom smaller
and then attach  the two
to make a smooth
covering around the edges

bet each of you are very interested
in this non professional tutorial

after much discussion
and hubby coming to my aid
to verify my process
 i started to cut

and oh yes
another trip to joann's
to consult with "johanna"
to purchase heavier needle and thread

what do you think
made my first cushion
pretty darn cool huh?

and then there were two

tried one out on my garden table chair

drove up to suzie's house
to surprise her
no one home
clicked this photo of one of her planters

put the cushions in place

suzie took some photos when she arrived home
sorry for the blur
but you'll get the idea

and six colorful hibiscus
back here on riverwood 
all in one day
for the end of the story

thank you for stopping by
appreciate your comments
love your visits my friends



TexWisGirl said...

you're a better woman than i! i'd not even have attempted it!

babs said...

I agree with TexWisGirl!

They turned out great!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

What a great way to recover a circle - I can usually figure it out by trial and error, but don't know if I would have thought of that method. Love the fabric too :-)

missy said...

I never would have thought about 2 sizes of circles..You can tell that I sew often..Looks great ..Love the colors..

Jill said...

Very beautiful and very impressive!

Bonnie said...

The cushions are fabulous. I have so many sewing projects on my to do list. Maybe after the next book:)

barb said...

Very nice work and so pretty.

MarmePurl said...

Nice work. I am not at all surprised at the outcome. Lynne the lady of talent and determination.
Now if we could just sit there and enjoy a glass of wine, the day might be perfect.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Love that fabric! Brilliant job. My crafty talents don't include sewing. Well done.

Lynn said...

You are awesome, as always, Lynne. Thanks for showing us, the small craft challenged group, the how to. TexWisGirl said it all.

eileeninmd said...

You are good girl! Pretty fabric and they look beautiful. I am not crafty at all! But, thanks for the lesson! Have a great evening, Lynne!

Olive said...

Bravo. Well done. I will cover a foot stool but round is hard. I almost never shop antique stores but realized that was now wrong since I have a booth in one. You would be welcome anytime.