Monday, October 14, 2013

In Loving Memory . . .

 In loving memory of
Gary Kay Gordon
husband and father of 
Lynne, Scott, Susan

February 13,1939 - October 14,.1980

Gary and Lynne

wedding trip
we each have chapters
one of my chapters is of my life
with my husband Gary
and the life we shared together
and with our two children,
Scott and Suzie

Gary and I met in college
here we are with some of our college friends
excuse the blur
 look at those smiles
we had great times together

college, marriage and a few years after
our children

 Ginger our Irish Setter

so many memories
the list goes on and on

apartments, first home,
renovating a huge three story home
skiing often

transfers, moves,
 new homes, new schools
careers, friends

spring break always meant a ski trip out west

boating, jogging, camping, travels

family trip to
New York City


laughter giggles silly

life wasn't always perfect
but it was usually pretty darn wonderful
a sudden ending

we remember
laughter and the tears
and we give this time
to honor
with our love

it hasn't fully opened yet
soon there will be the burst of orange color
thank you
each of you
for being my friend
being a treasured part
of this chapter of my life



eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, Lynne! A lovely tribute to your dear Gary. You had a wonderful and happy life together. Thanks for sharing your happy memories. Wishing you more happiness on your current chapter! Have a happy day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

A beautiful tribute to your late husband. Thank you for sharing some of your earlier life with me last Thursday when we met. I hope you are enjoying your time in NYC. Thinking of you!!

From the Kitchen said...

A loving tribute filled with happy memories.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Lynne, such a loving tribute and wonderful memories. It's wonderful you've found happiness twice; makes life special. Kay is my middle name and I've read it's Celtic for Happy.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Lynne, he left this world so young. So sorry for the loss of that chapter in your life, but I KNOW your current chapter is WONDERFUL as well... xox

TexWisGirl said...

so very sweet. bless your heart with memories and your days with new ones.

babs said...

Wonderful tribute to your family! Wishing you happy chapters ahead. Hope NYC will find a place in one of those chapters!

Lynn said...

this is bitter sweet with wonderful photos and such a love filled post...I am sorry for your loss so long ago.

Lois said...

Beautiful, loving tribute to your late husband.Happy memories are so precious.

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a wonderful, loving tribute to your late husband. Loved seeing the old photos. You made the very most of the time you had, a good lesson for all of us!

At Home in English Valley said...

That 's one of the reasons I love you Lynne, your heart was big enough to love again after losing Gary. Remembering is the way we keep those we love close in heart. Thank you for sharing all those beautiful memories. Love, Penny

Connie Lenden said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband. I enjoyed the picture's of when the children were little.

It sounds like you had a lovely full life - that's so good to read !

Love and prayer's to you and your family, Lynne!

missy said...

Lovely tribute Lynne...Wonderful're tugging at my heart strings..

AnneMarie said...

Thankyou for sharing such wonderful memories, Lynne. Bittersweet sums up life, doesn't it? xxx

Rain said...

The memories are so important and adds to the future as well....... The sad times make us appreciate every little tiny thing...... The joy in each flower and sunrise......
Blessings to you Lynne.....
Fondly , Rain

Pamela Gordon said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your first love. You had a beautiful life together that ended too soon. Now you have beautiful memories. Blessings. Hugs to you. Pam

Kerin said...

Beautiful, and heartfelt tribute.
Wonderful to have so many warm memories of a full and rich life.


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

So young -- how hard it must have been for you Lynne. This is such a sweet post full of good memories. xo