Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let Me Introduce You . . .

to the Santa's I have come to love.
This post idea came from Rain, click Santa's above
and it will take you to rain-my farmonthehill.
once again . . . this will be photo overload.

Did you notice this magazine from my previous post. 
I repeat it once again, to remind you
to check out some of the older magazines.
You'll find some wonderful decorating ideas..
This Country Home magazine is from 1997.  
I love this Santa because he looks like the real thing!
Two of my favorite ornaments are above...
I remember the first time I found this collection
and decided I would fill a tree with them  . . .
until I saw the price of one.
Two became my limit.

The second ornament is called the scherenschnitte santa.

You may remember my mother did paper snipping
called German Scherenschnitte.
Here is one of her Santa cuttings..


A scene on the fireplace mantel.
I like this natural stone like Santa.
My favorite Santa ornament.
I was with my brother one day when we stopped at an antique store.
and happened upon this ornament.
I liked it as soon as I saw it
and couldn't believe it was marked for just $2.50.
I was sure it was worth much more
especially when on the bottom I noticed it said,
Johnny's, 1966.
Sold, my favorite Santa collectible ever!
 It has been snowing here again . . . tons . . . bitter cold too!
 I have several of these USA Santa cup collectibles.
I love the winking Santa and the companion pitcher.
One of the baker clay ornaments I made back in the early seventies.
A felt Santa tied on a package
I received many years ago.
I like this little five inch Santa.
hand molded out of clay. 
I found it at a craft show many years ago.
A wooden Humpty Dumpty Santa.
A knitted Santa placed over a coffee can
received as a gift in the late sixties.
The tall wooden Santa was given to me by my dear friend Ronnie.
We worked together at the hospital.
Ron's cancer caused him his very early death in 2000.
I will always be missing him and his great, crazy, fun friendship.
 A Mary Englebreit card,
her creativity amazed me.
I have many of her books and cards
plus I purchased and wore many of her sweaters,
including one designed like the card above.
Another Mary Englebreit
Love this framed card of an old saint nick type.

and these are some of my favorite red suit guys
thank you for following along
this little furry bundle
is my most favorite red suited of all
happy days everyone
until the next time
Love, Lynne 


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh Lynne! I loved every single one of your Santa's. I once had the Santa cups..and NO idea what happened to them. With seven little ones all 13 to 16 months apart, it's no wonder some things vanished over the years.
I think of some things..and wonder..
The snow is just plain gorgeous! Picture postcard perfect! I hope you don't have to go to work. Didn't you say you were still working? I retired at exactly 65 years old. I turned 65 in October and retired that December. However they had no one to replace me so I had to work until the following March. Frank, my second husband is the one that made it possible for me to retire. Bless his heart.
I loved this post!! :) You are sentimental...I love that about you too.
Hugs and love,

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, your place is looking very festive. I love all the pretty Santa's. They are all treasures! We have had around 10 inches of snow and more due to come tomorrow. I am ready for Spring, HAHA.

Snickers looks adorable in the red coat. Have a happy weekend!

Lois said...

Loved the Santa collection photos, and the photo of your puppy dressed up in the red coat.

Pamela Gordon said...

Love, love all your Santas, Lynne. So cute. I have a lot that I haven't even put out. I need a bigger house! You sure have a lot of snow there. Love your sleds at the front door to greet your visitors. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs. Pam

TexWisGirl said...

little girl in the snow! :)

you have great santas of all kinds. i like that first ornament with the little pine trees decorating him. the coffee can one is very cute, too! i like the wooden one as well.

Musings from Kim K. said...

A beautiful collection. I'm honored that you shared a few of them with me last year as gifts. I'll be posting them next week on the blog. Your paper cutting from your mother is so special. What a treasure. Gorgeous snow, isn't it!?! I'm looking forward to Saturday's storm and not having to drive to work in it!

My name is Riet said...

Oh how I love your Santa,s Nd your little furbaby. I s gorgeous. Have a nice weekend

Kerin said...

There's not a Santa that you have, that I don't love.

My husband has always loved Santa, and years ago when we used to decorated every inch of our house for Christmas, we would have a Santa street.
An entire room, dedicated to Santa.

We would also do an entire room decorated with Snowmen {my favorite} and that room would become Snowman Alley.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Missy George said...

Love your Santa collection Lynne..especially the last one..

Bonnie said...

Lynne, Love all the Santas and the photos. There is no such thing as photo overload. Have a grand weekend. Hugs, Bonnie

Liz said...

What a fun post! I enjoyed looking at all of your Santa's. How much fun it must be to collect them. The views outside sure are pretty. Love your little pup!!

MarmePurl said...

I love the last Santa too.

Gail said...

I have Santas too. Some stay out year round.

Each display is beautiful. I love the old ornaments and have many there are my grandparents.

Maybe the spirit will hit me soon.

Well done, my friend!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

The Mary my most favorite Santa of all...

Well, next to your fur buddy of course.


Pondside said...

Lovely to catch up with you, Lynne. Your collection of Santa's is sweet! I particularly like the ME cards - the one with BELIEVE has always been one of my favourite images.

Olive said...

Your sweet puppy is too cute in the snow. I too love the winking Santa mugs. i am glad to see yours as mine did make it out this year. I just gave out and most boxes went back upstairs. Merry Christmas, Olive

Thistle Cove Farm said...

but delightful photo overload, Lynn!

Cindy said...

An absolute beautiful collection of vintage Santa and now a days collection. Your pictures are warm, thanks for sharing, the guy in the suit last has to be a blast in the snow. I have a little one and had to shovel him a path to the outhouse tonight after all the snow we got on PEI today.

Nancy Reinke said...

Your Santa collection is wonderful, Lynn. Mary Englebreit's artwork is so special, isn't it? Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos.