Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enjoy the View . . .

stand tall and proud
go out on a limb
remember your roots
drink plenty of water
be content with your natural beauty
enjoy the view
Tree Advice quotes from Paula Moirin
this was taken from a post my friend Missy did the other day,
you can find her
I thought it was very good tree advice
the tree and snow is from one of our first snowfalls in late November
we now have three feet on the ground
and the snow covers the shrubs and tree in the foreground
another polar freeze and lake affect snow predicted for the week
I promised myself I wouldn't talk about the weather and snow anymore
I guess I broke my promise
I also thought you would enjoy a couple more pictures of
snickers in the midst of another tummy rub flip
she has been doing a bit of performing of late
I think she is enjoying her star status
until next time . . . enjoy a great week
Love, Lynne


Pondside said...

Every house should have a Snickers or (as we do) a Rory, to take our attention off the weather and back where it belongs - rubbing the pup's tummy!

Gail said...

I love them!!! She seems to be right where she is supposed to be.

My name is Riet said...

Oh dear, we all love to talk about the weather LOL. I love your snow photo and snickers is a little darling.

Rain said...

Oh my friend - trying to catch up on several of your back posts- finally settled in in Florida- everyone here is so cold- 60 -today and we newly arrived from the northeast think it's beautiful !!! Love your yellow tulips and even all the snowy ones !! Have a wonderful week! Fondly, Rain

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Lynne, Oh your little Snickers is adorable. I was admiring the photograph of the tree and the snow and I read the words which I thoroughly enjoyed and then I came to the photograph of Snickers and it put a huge smile on my face.
Three feet of snow, my word, no wonder you are talking about the weather..... is there a little English in you, as we love to talk about the weather as well.
Stay warm and have fun with Snickers.
Best Wishes

eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne, I am not looking forward to the Polar freeze.. Your Snickers is a star, she is so pretty. Adorable photos. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, Snickers is just too cute!!! Lynn, great photographs of your little cutie and of the snow. Have a great week~

TexWisGirl said...

she is so funny. :) i loved the tree quotes. be safe!

Pamela Gordon said...

It's hard not to talk about the weather isn't it, Lynne? I made a mental note to myself to not do the same but have continued anyway. lol I suppose Snickers is a bit bored of the indoor life these days and figures she needs to perform to keep you all entertained. I hope the next cold snap and snow aren't too bad. Take care and keep warm.

Missy George said...

Thanks for the mention Lynne..You are too sweet..I'll have to figure out how to do that one of these days..Snickers is too funny..Cute pics..Enjoy your week

Nancy Claeys said...

I do believe Snickers is trying out for her own blog! :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Snickers might need to do a guest post every now and then. The cute factor is pretty darn high. Stay warm the next couple of days.

PlantPostings said...

I know. I keep breaking my promise, too--about living in the moment during the winter, and all that... I should have taken a walk on Sunday when the weather was "warmer." OK, so next time it's 20F or warmer I'll take a walk to improve my attitude. (Your puppy is soooo cute.) ;-)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I can't stand it! just adorable!! Mele won't sleep anywhere but with me..or is it me that won't sleep without her? :)
It's in the 80's here. Can you believe it? Where the heck did our Winter go..I guess back east!
We get a lot of wisdom from our tree's..more than I thought we did..this was so nice.

Nancy said...

Snickers cracks me up, Lynne. Such a little clown. LOL

Olive said...

I wish you were here. It is 58 and sunny. I planted your bulb and raked the front yard. Snickers is a hoot.

Cindy said...

Hey, you can talk about the weather anytime you please. Before we left home in PEI we got a rather large snow storm that flattened one of the evergreens. WE ARE sure we lost the tree, i like your post,great job.

Snickers is loving her belling up.
Have a great week,

Ida said...

Oh brrr....I feel for everyone with all that snow to deal with. Your little dog is so adorable. My mom's dog, Pixie loves tummy rubs too.

Beverly Frankeny said...

Snickers is just waaaaaayyyyy toooooo cute!! As for the weather....oh my, maybe I just shouldn't talk about it either! Hahahah!