Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dreams Come True . . .

Isn't this a lovely site . . .

This photo is a view of property of friends in Southwestern Virginia.
They are choosing to sell their Gentleman's Farm and move on.
They have asked me to assist in getting the word out about this
gorgeous 27 acre property in the heart of the Blue Ridge State.

If this is a way of life that you have considered,
living where you can surround yourself with only the sounds of nature,
and the animals of your choosing, such as chickens, llamas, donkeys, horses,  
and you are serious about taking a look and are pre-qualified to make a purchase,
then take a look and make an appointment to view the property and house.
 I am not a real estate agent, simply getting the word out for friends.
I will be closing my comments for this post,
Please contact seller through the e-mail link on their info page.

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