Thursday, June 5, 2014

All About Me . . .

Well first of all
here is Mr. Irish Garden House.
 I really like this picture of him that I just found in our old photos.
I especially like it because of the memories it brings back to me.
Our very favorite thing to do together is to  
  visit the emerald island.
This was a few years ago.

and here we are at a 
St. Patrick's Day
flag raising for the
Irish American Society
Muskegon, Michigan

I had my Irish Garden House guy
make a promise to me for the weekend.
You see, it is my seventy fifth birthday on Saturday
and that is a surprise enough for me . . .
where oh where have the years gone!
I can't believe that I am "that old".

we are a family of three 
believe me
that furry one takes
center stage in our family
Christmas 2012

A birthday post had me wondering
how does one talk about their birthday.
The only thing I could think to talk about was my gardens.
Oh I tried to write a bit of stuff about me
but it just seemed liked blah blah blah
and thought no, that isn't working for me.
Instead I decided how about pictures.
Here I am last year in one of the gardens around the house.
  finding some pictures of me
had me hustling
I can't seem to find many of me.
here is one with my granddaughter Amanda
at her high school graduation 2012
she is in culinary school
begins her third year in the fall 

oh yes, this is me . . .
I am canoeing the white river with my friend Jackie below.
This photo was taken shortly before
we did our famous scary capsize in 2012.
Jackie is my, "take me out of my box" gal.
We have great fun together plus very hearty discussions
about everything interesting, life and living.
This is my most recent photo . . .
My friend Barbie, in the middle, invited me, 
and our mutual friend Kathy, to a birthday lunch for me today.
Barbie knows how to treat someone royally.
I was the lucky one indeed.
Look at that blue sky . . . such a wonderful day!
More photos in an future post.
Christmas card this past year
and then,
here is my try at a selfie
. . . off I go to celebrate my 75th
Until next time,
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

bless you, bless you, dear lynne! happy 75th to you!!! :)

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Happy birthday on Saturday - you look great in all the pics!

Kerin said...

Wishing you a very, very happy birthday!
You are a lovely and beautiful lady!
I think all of us wonder, where do the years go???!!!

Hope you enjoy this birthday, and I just know that your sweet husband will spoil you the way that you deserve to be spoiled on your day :)

Lots of hugs ...


Cheryl @ TFD said...

A big Happy Birthday to you!! You and your hubby are a beautiful couple and I would never have guessed your age! Hope your birthday is a special one Saturday. Have fun!

Elaine at Bramble Rambles said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

You are looking fabulous!

Buttons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN you look beautiful. Oh you have a full beautiful life and there is nothing better than that. By the way everyone should have a "take me out of my box" gal friend, that is what keeps us young. Enjoy your birthday weekend but I do know you will. Hug B

MarmePurl said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, happy 75th birthday to you! You look great in all the photos! Have a happy day!

From the Kitchen said...

Lynne: You've only just begun!! Happy birthday. Celebrate long and well. Loved getting to know you better through the wonderful photos.


barb said...

Happy birthday Lynne. You make 75 look good!

Lois said...

Happy Birthday!
Have a very special day.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Lynne!! I hope you have a great weekend celebrating! And I hope I look half that good at 75! lol...

Missy George said...

Happy happy Birthday Lynne..Loved the pictures..You look wonderful..Enjoy your day!! Hugs,

Pamela Gordon said...

Happiest of birthday wishes to you dear Lynne. You certainly look like a very young 75! God bless you as you celebrate this special day! Hugs. Pam

Willow said...

Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays Lynne !
You truly look fabulous and are quite energetic .
HAppy , happy Birthday.
Wishing you all the best !

Musings from Kim K. said...

Wishing you a blessed birthday! Love all the special pictures in this post. I'll be thinking of you Saturday while we're celebrating Josie's birthday with 5 of her friends at the zoo. It's going to be a gorgeous Saturday!

Jackie said...

We had a great time that day minus the capsize and underwater stuff, hell even that wasn't so bad..(on hindsight). Can't believe it was two years ago already. Happy birthday to the crone I seek the most insight and wisdom from. I love you lots. Jackie

Cindy said...

Oh my Happy Birthday, wishing you plenty of surprises your way today. It is hard to talk about yourself I find. You did a fantastic job picking pictures to tell the story, I'm afraid I'd still be sitting going bla bla blah

You are lovely and a beautiful lady, I can only hope to look 1/2 as good as you in 23 years. The end of June I'll be playing with a full deck, you're inspiring.

Lynn said...

Happy birthday Lynne with an "e"

Olive said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend. See, I had you on my mind for a very good reason. I love the image of you in the canoe. You are a star on my frig too you know. love, Olive

bj said...

Girlfriend, you look AMAZING to be COULD be 'cause you're married to A HUNK....:))Q
Happiest Belated birthday...hope you had a fabulous day.
xo bj
OOO, and the apricots...with the dried fruit, I just snip them into tiny pieces with my kitchen shears, cover them with water in a saucepan,
add sugar to taste, gently boil them until the juice begins to thicken and the fruit is mushy. Then, you can either mash the fruit and juice together..which is what I like to do...or leave the pieces in the thick juice, a little like preserves. This doesn't make a jelly or jam...just delicious apricots to spread on your homemade biscuits or even on waffles...Yum, now, I am hungry for some. :)

Gail said...

I am not to seventy=five but I suspect I'll not look this good.

Happy, happy birthday!

I enjoyed getting to know all about you.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Happy 75th birthday! I enjoyed your photos "about you"! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Rose said...

How did I miss this...I thought I blogged last Thursday! Anyway, happy birthday...although it is late. I loved all the don't look 75 at all!

Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday, dear Lynne. You look fantastic! I'd never guess you just had your
75th birthday. Life certainly agrees with you. I really enjoyed all the photos and seeing you partaking in various interests. Love & hugs ~ Nancy

Deanna said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear Lynne...I say you look great for 75. I loved seeing all those pics of you and your very handsome husband. A fine looking couple. Hope your day was grand!! I think we should arrange a meet-up. I think we would be great friends!!