Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Good Read . . .

 Lina Sparrow is an ambitious young lawyer working on a historic class - action suit seeking reparations for the descendant of American slaves.  Josephine is a seventeen year old house slave who tends to the mistress of a Virginia tobacco farm - an aspiring artist named Lou Anne Bell.  The House Girl is a searing tale of art, history, love and secrets that intertwine the stories of two remarkable women. 
(as stated on the back of the book) 
Lynne says:
 I found this book a bit tedious to get into in the beginning
but it wasn't long before I found it was difficult
to separate myself from the story
and I just simply couldn't put it down.
I was immediately endeared to the house girl
and the life she had led as well as her
decision to assert changes in her life.
This is not a peaches and cream fairy tale,
 instead one filled with the realism of the time
and the struggles for freedoms.
Treat yourselves to a well written piece.
Tara Conklin
this is her first novel
thank you to my followers
welcome to those of you who are new to the
Irish Garden House
a thank you also, to each of you,
for your kind comments
until next time
Love, Lynne


eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, Lynne! Thanks for the book review. Sounds interesting!
Have a happy day and week ahead!

Jojo said...

Hi Lynne, I haven't had time to start my summer reading yet. I've joined so many book clubs so now I've now got too much mandatory reading but this book sound like a great story!

Hope you are enjoying summer.

Buttons said...

Oh that sounds like something I would enjoy. Hug B

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Happy Monday Lynne! Sounds like an intriguing read to be sure :)

Bonnie said...

Lynne, I've heard good things about this book. I think I am finally ready to begin my summer reading. I have a stack waiting.... Thanks for the recommendation, and have a great week. B

Missy George said...

If it was hard to get into, I never would have finished it. Glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful week.

amanda | wildly simple said...

I'm putting it on my to-read list!

One of my recent favorites was A Thousand Splendid Suns. Some difficult content, but a beautiful story (which I learned a lot from.)

Kerin said...

Sounds intriguing.
Thanks for giving us your take on it.

I'm finished with the Macomber book, and working on the Taber book.
So far, I'm really liking the Taber book. Must find a few more of her books to read.

Enjoy this week.


Gail said...

Sounds like a good book.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am still reading "The Verdict"...
I've added your book to those I want to read.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Thanks, Lynne, for the great review! It sounds like a good read and I'll be trying to find it. I'm still working my way through a couple of Gladys Taber books.

Jen Vandervoort said...

I'm always looking for a good read, and have found several new to me writers through blog reviews.

Thanks for mentioning it.


Munir said...

Thanks for the review. Sounds interesting.

Rose said...

this looks like a book I would enjoy!