Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flowers for You and Me . . .

  indeed . . . trimming, arranging, tweaking with the flowers
 is probably my most favorite thing to do.

there won't be much rhyme or reason to the order of these photos,
plus there will be some repeats, here we go for some photo overload

 I looked at the clock and couldn't believe four hours had slipped by.

Mister garden house guy is in the crunch finish line this weekend
 for a project he has been managing for the past few months.

So, since I have had a bunch of extra free time on my hands,
 I took off this morning to go flower trimming . . .
Bee Balm from the yard and then down the street to cut some Queen Anne Lace

I asked the neighbor first, I promise.

plus, I wanted to show you as many shades of green as possible

which is my favorite color as I am sure you know

just a few more. . . you won't mind will you . . .

from the inside looking out

we have a bunch of green around this place, don't we . . .

let's throw in a bit of color for good measure

after the tweaking and trimming

my next favorite thing to do is to take some pictures
you thought this photo session was over, didn't you . . .
not quite yet my friends


one problem I have is finding the perfect spot

 in the house with just the right light

 it becomes quite frustrating, sometime it works, often not

 like it has been said before

when in doubt

just use your imagination

and by the way,
the peacock feathers you see, peacock is my maiden name.
 thought they looked mighty lovely in the pewter vase

click, click, click, almost finished

I couldn't resist showing you the detail in this green coleus leaf

and this tiny vase I have near the kitchen window

or this vase near Carol's painting of an Irish House

Just as I was winding down this extra long post
I received a message from my daughter with this final picture.
how sweet is that . . . she has the tweaking bug too
thank you for visiting me
see you soon,
Love, Lynne


At Home in English Valley said...

Dearest Lynne, Every photo is prettier than the next. Take as many photos as you can, I love to see them all. Love this time in the garden, love having fresh flowers in the kitchen, living room, bath. I have Queen Anne's Lace coming up in my garden, can't wait till it opens. Love you too! Penny

Rose said...

You were sure having fun! My absolute favorite is the one with the canning jars...just something about it appeals to me so much.

My name is Riet said...

What a beautiful series of flower photo,s Lynne. So lovely to be able to fill your own vases. And you did a great job.
Have a Nice day.

Nancy Reinke said...

Like mother, like daughter; how sweet. Your arrangements are lovely, Lynne. I really like the one in the white vase next to Carol's charming watercolor. Is that a Hosta bloom I see? Very artistic. xxx ~ Nancy

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, you were having fun. Trimming tweaking and arranging your pretty flowers.. I love the Bee Balm and the Queen Anne's Lace. And all your green is lovely, especially the ferns. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Musings from Kim K. said...

One can never have enough flowers. Love all arrangements. I think I might need to bring some into the office to help me want to be at work this summer.

Kerin said...

Quite beautiful flowers!
This is certainly the time of year to have vases, and containers overflowing with natures beautiful blooms!!

Love the arrangements, and all of the flowers are very pretty.

Happy Monday, sweet friend.


Michelle said...

So beautiful and isn't it nice to bring the outside in?!

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Beautiful! you have so many wonderful blooms and foliage and your arrangements of them are all lovely!

Missy George said...

No rhyme or reason needed. Beautiful flowers. Can't get enough of them. Enjoy your week.

PlantPostings said...

So pretty, Lynne. Your garden and your flowers and your arrangements look so fresh and welcoming. Great job! I feel like I was on the walk with you. :)