Monday, August 11, 2014

Summertime Bloomin' . . .

standing on the inside
looking outside
and I am smiling
I trimmed my Annabelle Hydrangea's right down to the ground last fall
and look at them now, popped up, blooms bigger than ever! 

Now just because I did that,
don't go and chop yours down because I did.
These Annabelle's grow beautifully for me here in our shade haven. 
The original hydrangea is twenty plus years old and
I dig shoots from it all the time and
replant throughout the yard plus give away a bunch too.
 Pink and Blue Hydrangea don't do diddly squat for me!
The white Annabelle's just happen to love it here!

Plus cutting some flowers for the inside is such a treat.
The only container large enough to hold the flowers and 
their weight is this old heavy metal pitcher which I purchased
at a consignment store a few years ago . . . for five dollars.
Some of the Annabelle Hydrangea blooms are
 beginning to take on the green of fall in the air.
I think this fourteen inch spread of the flower is the largest I have seen of my Annabelles.

Each Thursday, or another day in the week if it works out better,
my friend Babs, Barb, Barbie and I get together. 
Coffee, a bagel once in a great while, a glass of wine sometimes
what ever seems to strike our fancy for the moment, we get together
to chat, talk gardens, books we might be reading,
plans for the week, whatever.
Special occasions might find us sitting on the porch having a cosmopolitan.
(We need to do that again soon before the cold winds begin to blow).

Sometimes we take off for breakfast or lunch or,
go to the Farmer's market . . . estate, vintage, second hand store shopping.,
We have even taken off on our bicycles together.

Barbie brought me these Zinnias on our most recent day together.
I appreciate these cut flowers, she has plenty of sunshine, we have very little. 
She grew these flowers from seed, so colorful and pretty . . . 

Aren't friendships wonderful!
I am so fortunate for Barbie's friendship, others too,
as well as those of you I have met through the Irish Garden House.

I am feeling very grateful,
'till next time,
Love, Lynne
I almost forgot to include my newest friendship
three and a half months old already
 my precious little Oakland Victoria great grandchild
how fast she is changing and growing

on her back, flips to her tummy and flips over to her back again
here she is helping granny Suzie fold some laundry
and I was on the floor with my phone trying to get her picture

Love this one of her, so curious,
chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, arms propping her up on her own,
she is ready, set to go . . . soon she will be pulling up those knees and
scooting here and there . . . that time is not very far away.



Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Pretty flowers! And pretty baby too. I love that you and Barb love your martinis :-)

Buttons said...

Oh Oakland Victoria is beautiful look at those gorgeous eyes. To have a firend that brings you flowers and spends time with you is priceless. I am heading over to visit her and say Hi. Have a nice day. Love your hydra??? oh well I mean those big white flowers I cannot spell this early in the morning:):) Hug B

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such beautiful blooms and how nice to have special friends to look forward to seeing. Your great grand is just precious. Such a precious baby. 3 months already! How did that happen!!

TexWisGirl said...

tiny tot! :) love your hydrangeas and so sweet of your friend to share her bright color!

Kerin said...

My goodness, your hydrangea blossoms are simply gorgeous.
Beautiful flowers from your friend too!

Oakland is growing like a weed!
Before you know it, she'll be up and toddling all over the house :)

Have a wonderful week, and great time with your sweet friends.

Smiles :)

Love and Shenanigans said...

Our hydrangeas have had a very tough summer.... the blight of the Japanese Beetles, nibbling of deer, and now far too much rain. I am surprised the plants are still standing to be honest... the blossoms are brown and wet. Very sad. Love seeing and enjoying yours!

Missy George said...

You were lucky with your Hydrangeas..I guess they must bloom on new wood..They are beautiful..Oakland is gorgeous...

Lois said...

Beautiful flowers and and even more beautiful great granddaughter.

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, your white hydrangeas are beautiful. They do look big! Your great-grandbaby is adorable..Cute shot.. I am glad you are having such good fun with your friend, Barbie.

Have a happy week!

Rose said...

don't know what we would do without our friends...or our grands!

my cozy ❤ little space said...

i found your blog thrue other bloggers..i will be visitng more...nice blog