Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What A Face . . .

How about some Pansy Faces
 to bring some happy to these less than sunny spring days.
Making outside pansies inside pansies
is a very good thing
 Usually this time in the week
I link up with
Good Fences
Theresa and Run A Round Ranch
BUT I have no fence pictures to link up with her this week.
I suggest you stop in at the ranch though, 
there are many people, posts, photos you will enjoy!

 The pansies jumped in my cart along with some crocus.
Our neighbor friends arrive home from Florida tomorrow,
2.99 and welcome cheer just for them. 
Thursday is Good Fences
and Friday is usually Random 5 Friday
but Nancy isn't able to post it this week
so I am going to do a little random on my own.

Number One:
I was able to spend some spring break time
with my youngest grandson today.
How about that handsome, smiling face of his!
Number Two:
Olive Garden
Chicken Scampi
no onions or peppers
just pasta and chicken is always his order.
Number Three:
Jordon has new glasses and needed to have an adjustment made
so off we went to the eye glass place.

Eye Glass Clowning Around Was Fun Too.
(these are NOT his glasses)
 Number 4:
A good read for me right now is,
Under the Wide and Starry Sky
by Nancy Horan
Extraordinary and Captivating
 Number 5:
What about this face?
My all seasons cardinal, still hanging around!
I am having a good and busy week around here.
Spring outdoor clean up is in full swing.
It will keep me busy for a few more weeks.
Even so, I promise I will still stop back in here in just a few days.
Until then,
Love, Lynne 


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sweet frend, you and I are doing the exact same things. Coveting pretty flowers, spending time with beloved grands and cleaning house. I definitely thing we are twins..('cept I'm OLDER!!) :)
Big hugs!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Think! That's "think" not thing. :)

bj said...

He is a very handsome fella...and I know how great it is to spend time with our almost-grown grands. One called me early this morning to say I love you, phone was on the charger, when it rang, I was in a deep sleep and couldn't find that silly phone the time I got awake, it stopped ringing..I called him right back and so good to talk with him. O, don't we love those grands. I have 9 that live here and the one that called is in Oregon..I miss him.

Margaret Adamson said...

You know you have a fence in this post so you could link it today with Tex's meme. ady leaning over rail in book! I love the Pansies and that certainly is a handson=me grandson. WOW!

Barbara Lilian said...

Love your Pansies. great to paint :) Doing everyday things with the grand children are
happy times to be treasured. Enjoy you day

eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, Lynne! I love your pretty pansies. And what a nice treat for your neighbor.. Your grandson Jordon is handsome.. My cardinals are chasing other Cardinals out of my yard. Have a happy day!

TexWisGirl said...

what a cute grand! :) thanks for the happy pansy faces, too (and sweet of you to mention good fences even when you have none to contribute this week.) :)

thank you, dear lynne!

From the Kitchen said...

Is there anything sweet than a pansy--or spending time with a grandson?


barb said...

Pansies are my favorite. May have to remember that book. Does handsome run in the family?

Cranberry Morning said...

Love the sweet family photos! And of course that pansy is such a cheery sight to me on this cold and dreary Wisconsin day!

Missy George said...

Hi Lynne...Beautiful purples..SO sweet of you to welcome home your neighbors with pretty flowers..Jordan looks like a lot of fun to spend time with..I'm sure he was a spirit booster..I spent Easter planting shrubs and doing a general cleanup.I hope you have some sun this week..Dismal and drippy here all week..

Karen S. said...

Yes, thank you I need some good honest happy! I do like your cardinal's face too, and it seems since a few weeks ago when my little grandson said, Look it's a red Blue Jay! They will forever be just that to me! Ha! Ha!

susan said...

Your flowers are just beautiful, Lynn. They have such a way of lifting your spirits, don't they?
How lucky for you to be able to spend time with your grandson - he looks very happy to be with you - precious memories are what you're giving him.

Kim said...

Sounds like the perfect day! :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Such a handsome young man! Time with family... welcoming gifts for friends... spring work... all good! =) Enjoy. blessings ~ tanna

Nancy's Notes said...

Beautiful pansies, love that exquisite purple! What a handsome young man there! Aren't grands just wonderful?
Great post, Lynn~

Gail said...

Wonderful flowers!

Mom used to have many spring flowers blowing in winter indoors. I don't have her green thumb.

A day out with a grand is never a bad thing.

Happy Spring!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

I love pansy faces! I may have to buy some for indoors just to cheer me. :) Your grandson is a handsome young man. Have a great weekend Lynne.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Love your pretty flowers, they often jump into my cart, too! lol! I can't wait to get all my pots outside planted. Your grandson is a good looking young man! I know you enjoyed your time with him.
Have a nice weekend!

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

i like your randomness in this post. love the pansies!! and spending time with your grandson is always nice, eh??!! and the bright red cardinal too!! see...your post is filled with good looking fellas and things today!! :)

happy weekend!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

How nice that you could spend some quality time with your handsome grandson over break. My Emma was able to spend some time with my mom last week. She was giving her some iPhone tutorials now that she has a smartphone. It wasn't the warmest or driest of spring breaks, but family time is important no matter the weather! I'm ready to start working in the yard again! Yippee for pansies!

carolann said...

Yes he is a handsome guy.
Oh pansies have either happy faces or sad right?

Enjoy your day.
Morning Lynne

Your glad you can still have those days with grandson that age.

Mine are so social butterflies it seems only special occasions we can get them to stay home or even travel or out for fine dinning.