Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm Smiling . . .

Neighbors East of us, whom we had never met . . .
(We had met their three dogs though that yip and bark
each time we walk into the woods behind our house.)
Neighbors pulled into our driveway late yesterday
and asked if we had seen two of their dogs . . .
They scooted out I guess when the chain link gate was opened . . .
They were so distressed, we felt terrible
and told them we would look for them while on our evening walks.
(Jack knows . . . my worse fear ever that that could happen to us with Snickers.)
Fast forward to this morning, I was out walking Snickers
and this little red truck pulls up beside me
and the VERY happy neighbor says,
"I found them!"
 There they were shivering and looking a bit guilty in the front seat of the truck,
two "wandering, scruffy, schnauzers," who were found more than two miles away. 
 I guess they were just sitting there in a front lawn next to each other when he saw them.
I wish I had some pictures to show you . . . I will try and get some.
(Busy days for us, we are getting ready for a family reunion gathering here on Sunday.)
Masses of Pine Siskin flew in to the thistle feeder yesterday
. The feeder is just off to a corner of the screened in porch,
wrong place for picture taking. 
 So I scrunched myself up over the kitchen sink to try and get some pictures. 
 At first I thought they were sparrows but I brought out my
trusty Peterson Field Guide to Birds,and read up on the Pine Siskin.
This often used book was 1976 birthday gift from my mom.,
Her written signature is on the inside cover.
 The faint yellow subtle streak and other markings
convinced me that I had Pine Siskin visitors. 
 The more petite size was a "telling point" too.
 It is such fun watching them and listening to "their tweeting and twitter."
  I have filled the thistle feeder twice in the past twenty four hours
as well as filling the other thistle feeder near the front of the house. 
 The temperatures turned very cool on Tuesday, we were in the 40-50 range,
maybe that is why the sudden visit.
Here are some quick unedited photos for you.
Moments like this make me very happy . . .
doggies back home, singing birds, springtime days.
Hummers are back too!
Happy Springtime My Friends
Love, Lynne


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Happy your neighbors found their puppies! I have had that happen with a golden retriever we used to have and it's so scary.

Gail said...

Amazing. I have not practiced bird shots yet.

Glad the dogs were found.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Enjoy your reunion time! Glad those pups were found. Our bird feeders are empty again. Our squirrels and raccoons are definitely full though!

eileeninmd said...

For some reason as soon as I saw your title I thought of the old song When Irish eyes are smiling. The Pine Siskins seem to travel in big groups. I am glad you were ready for them, with lots of food. So happy the doggies were found. I am not the only one who enjoys the moments of birds singing, happy dogs and pretty spring days.. Enjoy your day!

Kerin said...

What a relief for your neighbors to have found their dogs. I know I would have been a nervous wreck if our Rowdy ever went missing :)

Love those birds!! What a treat to have them enjoying the feeder, right where you can watch them.

I made up a batch of hummingbird food this morning.. I need to get the feeder filled!

Have a happy-busy day :)


barb said...

At our feeders this week...orioles and yellow-rumped warblers. They are not native to our area so I'm sure they are migrating through. Always happy to have little visitors at our feeders.

Karen S. said...

I agree,that makes for a perfect day indeed! What a fun feeder you have too.

Cranberry Morning said...

Isn't it fun to have that book, and especially because it was from your mom! So glad your neighbors find their dogs. That would be such a heartache to lose them! I bet they'll watch them like a hawk from now on. That would have been a cute photo of the 'guilty' pups. :-).

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

reading your blog..I could FEEL your smile and your feeling of contentment and all's least in your little corner of the world. You are such a sweetie! Sending you love and hugs.
Those photo's were natural, could see the flutter of the wings..wonderful!

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm glad the roving doggies are home safe and sound. Poor things. It must have been funny to see them on that person's lawn together. At least they stayed together too!! Interesting that you have so many Pine Siskins now. They are headed north for the summer months but are mostly gone from here I think.

Michelle said...

Nice to hear those pups are back home! Great action shots of the birds!

Margaret Adamson said...

Glad the pups are back. These are great bird shots.

Liz said...

Oh I would be heart broke if my little Shaggy ran away! Blessings those pups were found! We have had goldfinch on our feeders eating up a frenzy. I have never heard of the ones on your feeders. I love listening to their sweet tweets too!