Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Hodgepodge . . .

How beautiful 
to see photos of a rainbow shinning on the
Freedom Tower
in the early September tenth morning sky.
I saw several photos of this on the news.
I am sorry I can't give proper credit to the photographers.
many thoughts of this horrific tragedy
filled my mind today
Baby Great Grand
discovering her first puddle.
It rained "cats and dogs" the other day!
I wonder where that saying came from?
She loves outdoor exploring.
My Giveaway Apron
arrived in the mail today.
You may remember, Sandra of
having a giveaway a few weeks ago.
This apron was made by an
almost 95 year old woman.
Her daughter was selling the aprons
because she felt it was what her mom would want her to do.
I am honored to receive the apron
and will treasure one of her final handmade pieces.
A friend of mine sent me a copy about the apples
from one of our favorite apple orchards.
Just a hop skip and a jump from our house.
Honey Crisp is still my favorite apple to pick up and eat.

I should have warned you that this was
going to be a bunch of hodgepodge.
This is so you will know everything
that happened in my life this past week. 
When I am in a reading mood
it is non stop.
In the past few weeks I feel like I have been on a marathon.
The book above is very good.
poetic  graphic  serious
moving  tragic  loving
take some time for this read
Taken from the cover.
mister Irish Garden House likes
Tuna Melts
I made them for dinner tonight.
tuna  celery  onion  mayo  bread  cheese
I put them on the griddle
bread, cheese slice, tuna mix, cheese slice, bread
easy fix
eating the tuna as a salad was my choice
A friend of mine is celebrating her 60th birthday on Monday.
I painted a pumpkin for her this afternoon.
I plan to paint one for me later this week.

remember to do some things for your self
that you really love doing
and finally
cooler weather arrived

the cutting back, cleaning up, putting plants to rest time
and I began with
this fern who had overgrown its welcome
saying goodbye to sweet begonia
will be difficult to do
guess she will remain for a few more days
Two thoughts that have stuck with me that
I found from blog friends this week
I want to be a better human.
Pepper Medley

Let someone else go first.
Cranberry Morning 
Be Kind To One Another
Love ~ Lynne


Gail said...

I love your painting! Sounds like a wonderful week.

My youngest grandson and I have a favorite game just like Peppa Pig and her family. We love jumping in muddy puddles.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

A post full of wonderful things { although the first photograph …. there are no words }
Love your daughters wedding photograph, gorgeous puddle pictures and to be making aprons at 95 ? …. AMAZING. XXXX

eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne, wonderful post and lovely images. The rainbow shot is amazing. And I just love the shots of your cute great-grand. She is adorable. Honey Crisp is my favorite apple too, love them. Have a happy weekend!

bj said...

A great post about your the rainbow..I saw it on tv, too.
Beautiful little puddle-loving g.grandgirl.. your pumpkin is awesome...have a relaxed and good weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

baby great grand is adorable. raining cats and dogs came from the olden days of thatched roofs. animals often slept up there to stay warm, but when it rained, the thatch became slick and loose and they often fell into the home. :)

Kim said...

That rainbow was quite astonishing. Made a very hard day a little easier to bear. You shared so many other wonderful your pumpkin, I miss painting and that baby just gets more and more gorgeous! Enjoy her!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You are putting your plants away for the winter..or just changing their location? I wasn't sure.
That baby grand daughter is beyond adorable.

And the rainbow..I missed seeing it on TV and had it not been for you putting it in your blog today..I would never have seen it. Makes you think and wonder and most of all remember. A reminder of the great importance of this election...NOT to be taken lightly.

I remember when you took the painting class! :) What a wonderful job you did on that pumpkin!
Happy Weekend dear friend.

Deanna said...

Thanks goodness we both received rain and cooler temps....looks like your baby great-grand is having fun in the puddles. She is a cutie. I read "All the Light" last summer and it was very engrossing. Honey Crisp with peanut butter, yummy!!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Lynne! Enjoyable post of your week that seems to have gone well, but that precious great-grand baby would help anyone to forget what's bothering them! :-) The apron is a treasure, and the tuna-melts sounds good, I cannot remember the last time I had one, I think I'm due! Hope your weekend is going well too!

Pamela Gordon said...

I can't believe baby grand is walking already. She's adorable, Lynne. Our youngest grand is still bum scooting and doesn't bother to pull himself up yet and he's 1! Have a beautiful week. Pam

Nancy said...

Your grand is so precious. Did we ever know what joy grands and great grands could bring? I love opening surprise packages in the mail and what a cute apron.....I bet you get lots of use out of it...I hope you have a wonderful week coming up....

A Joyful Cottage said...

Oooh, that looks like a good read, Lynne. I love your pumpkin, which reminds me it's time to dig out Dennis' pumpkin painting and put it up. (Now where did I pack that?) Your grand baby is just a little doll. So fun to watch them explore and discover. We're working outside right now, too. Buttoning up the garden shed, mostly. Have a great day~ Nancy

Ida said...

A good collection of "randoms." - Your little Granddaughter is so cute!
Always hard to say good-bye to summer but autumn does have it's own beauty.
Isn't it amazing how many varieties of apples there are. I need to get more this week and try out a recipe I found during the cookie exchange this month I participate in.

Sarah Huizenga said...

We are hopeful to go out apple picking this coming Friday for Mallory's birthday, even though the forecast says 90%chance of rain. I sure hope that changes.

Kerin said...

What a great mash up of things around your world :)
That G. Grand is growing like a weed, and she is as cute as a bug!! Remember when we loved splashing in the rain :)

Oh, I LOVE that book. It is a great book, though there are parts that are a bit hard to read.

What a sweet friend you are to paint a pumpkin for your birthday friend!

Have a sweet week!


TexWisGirl said...

(your posts are still not getting thru. i've seen a couple in my reading list, but even when i click on 'home' for your blog, i come back to this week-old post.)

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Lynne, I did not realise you had artistic tendencies.... your painting is lovely and your friend will love receiving it as a gift.
Oh, your little baby grand daughter is so lovely.... I remember my daughters used to love 'plodging' about in puddles... they used to think it was great fun.
I love the sound of the book you have been reading, I will certainly look out for it.
It seems we are all saying goodbye to our favourite garden flowers, I think my fuschias and geraniums will last just a little longer, and then they will be gone until next year.
Have a lovely weekend.
With warmest wishes.