Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Postcards Revisit . . .

postcard post a few days past has had me revisiting
some of my cards plus wanting to share with you
something that a blogger friend shared with me
first . . . the photo above
favorites because of their age, messages, designs
the santa tree one in the middle was a gift from my brother

a 1903 mailed from Oxford

see the tiny 50 in the bottom

that is what he paid for it when he was buying and selling postcards

and I was the fortunate one when he gifted this one to me


the tiny little card, is a photo of a card I sent out to a friend long ago

the message

Colorado's Pine and silent Peak

That bend and breed

but never speak

Yet e'em their silence seems to send,

The peace that comes 'tween friend and friend.

some of the messages on a postcard are so loving and tender

I find it quite special that I can

read them, save them, share them

I find my postcards and cards some of my most favorite collectibles.
As I have said, I look for dates, names, messages.
I was "over the moon" when I read the following comment from my friend
"My favorite find was -- wait for it -- a postcard written by my GRANDMOTHER (who died before I was born) written to the woman who was my childhood babysitter and her next door neighbor showing a hint of our family cottage at the lake! I did a post on it eons ago. I stood at the vendor's booth and cried."
try to imagine what that must have felt like
standing there, at a vendor booth, looking at
and reading cards and you pick up a card and
see your grandmothers name and handwriting
gives me goose bumps
I was in awe and interested in Jeanie
and we have made a new connection with one another over postcards
(Isn't blogging wonderful!)
If you are as interested in some of her story, as I was,
here is another message from Jeanie and a link to take you to more of her story.
I was at the twice-a-year Antiquarian Book and Paper Show which is in Lansing in April and October.
Much of what they have are books (of every kind, used, some very old, some just old, most out of print), maps, ephemera, print advertising and of course, postcards.
Here's the link. You'll recognize much of the story of Fran in this post.
As I mentioned in the current one, she played a huge part in mom's life and mine
and I'd written about her often on the blog.
enjoy these pre spring days



Lynne said...

Hopefully you'll read this comment. . . .
The link up didn't work in Jeanie's name but
you'll find her and her post from the link I left near the bottom of my post.

Sue Silva said...

Blogging IS wonderful! I have made so many dear friends!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne, these postcards are all beautiful treasures and lovely memories of your family and friends. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I have goose bumps reading about Jeanie's post card. What special treasures and such dear friends have been found because of collections and blogland!

MarmePurl said...

What a find and story from Jeanie. Goosebumps

Gail said...

A great collection and a wonderful story.

Linda said...

Such a lovely hobby/pastime....
Suits you to a "t"...
I love these...
Linda :o)

Liz said...

Happy that there was even more to the story after the story! You will have me back looking through postcards at my next visit to the antique store! Going over to her blog now!

Melanie said...

Beautiful postcards...maybe you could find a unique way to display them so that you could see them all the time? They're too pretty to be hidden away! Even if you just had a bunch of them in a pretty bowl on a side or coffee table, that would be awesome.

Jeanie said...

I love hearing about your collection. Someday we should meet in GR or someplace in the middle and bring some of our favorites! Apart from Grandma's card, my very favorite is of a restaurant in Gaylord called The Sugar Bowl. It's an institution there -- been open since 1919. This card is from 1937 and the person writing it absolutely blasts it about the food, everything! And she's very funny doing it! Much of my collection is of places from up north near the cottage but I'm always looking for cards I can scan and use in my collage!

Thanks for the link, Lynne! I'd love to meet some of your blog friends!

Beverly Frankeny said...

I love old post cards as well....they always spark my imagination....trying to imagine the people who first sent and received. It is sad that we are losing the art of well written letters and post cards....I think they were the treasures of days gone by!

Pamela Gordon said...

I love your post card collection Lynne. I have a shoebox full of postcards from travels around the globe (mostly by others, not me!). What a great story of finding the postcard your grandmother wrote at a dealer. So sweet to have it now. Have a lovely day.

bj said...

Mercy me.....I got goose bumps just reading this about Jeanie...
you have a nice collection of cards and now....I want to look for some, too...I have a few family ones..and some love letter between Great aunt and Great uncle...xoxo

A Joyful Cottage said...

Jeanie's story is extraordinary. Like something out of a novel.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I collect old postcards when I see them too Lynne - the sentiments tell us a little (and sometimes a lot) about the person who wrote the card!
Apart from that, in general the cards I collect are little works of art.
Some have the remnants of faded ribbons or tassels and I always admire the beautiful handwriting of those very old ones - a lost art today when much communication is by phone or computer.
I've followed Jeanies blog for years and love her stories!
Shane x

Kim said...

Oh thank you for sharing. I want to go read Jeanie's blog! What really catches my eye on the postcards is the handwritten script. Gorgeous penmanship is a lost art!

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a treasure to find that postcard. That sale in Lansing sounds like something that I would love.