Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What Happened . . .

I can't find a warm cuddly spot
I look at myself and say, "what happened?"
where are my curls
how come I look like this

you have to promise not to do this to me EVER again


after a few months of sickness, surgery, hospital

snickers needed grooming desperately

she hadn't been to the groomer since thanksgiving

so off we went to be groomed on monday

midway through her appointment the groomer phoned

to tell me snickers needed to be clipped much shorter

poor thing looked like a stranger dog when I picked her up

soon she will "sprout again" and look like this


I met a lot of people in Europe,

I even encountered myself





Sue Silva said...

OMG, she's so cute!

Jeanie said...

She's adorable no matter what -- but it had to have been a bit of a shock!

TexWisGirl said...

cute girl.

Deb said...

Oh my gosh, the ears. *be still my heart*

Bonnie said...

Oh bless her. Precious!

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Oh, I think she looks adorable both ways! I also enjoyed your quote in the Tulip post. Happy (almost) spring!

Barbara Lilian said...

So pleased for you that's she's better, and after her new 'coif' she looks gorgeous.

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Snickers is still acutie even with her short hair cut. Adorable photos!
Happy Thursday!

babs said...

Maggie always said that when Simon got his summer buzz cut that he was so embarassedand kept a low profile for awhile. Snickers is adorable!

Gail said...

Still a sweetie.

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh she is so cute Lynne! Love the expressions on her face. Give her a hug from me. :)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Oh the poor little peanut. But she will feel so much better with smooth, clean fur, and fur grows fast.

Ida said...

She's still as cute as can be.

Kim said...

She is just the sweetest!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I know you don't think so ..but you look very sweet with your new doo! I've felt like that but it's always been my own doing. Not sick just eating things left in the yard once..NEVER again. Not sure what I would do if MY mother had me clipped like that. *sniff* Probaby ..nothing. Maybe a little know, just to let her know I WAS NOT HAPPY ONE SINGLE BIT!!
Just know you have a friend out here in California that is constantly being brushed and into the groomers every two weeks now. It's the flea''s the darned flea's. Wish I had curls!!! :(
You look very comfy! Is that your own bed? Um..I don't have one of my own..I have to share.
Your friend,