Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In My Garden . . .

right there, near that stake
recently shared
and one day next spring they will be pop up

and when I see them popping up
I will remember who shared them with me 
Wisconsin Beth

and right there are
my momma's iris
split  shared  moved  planted
again and again and again

they were from a farm in Iowa
and were given to my mom

replanted at my mom's home in
Hampton, Iowa
and first given to me by my mom in

since then
"miss momma iris"
has bloomed in
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Montague, Michigan
Spring Lake, Michigan
Twin Lake, Michigan
Georgia and Arkansas
and back to
Hampton, Iowa

my friend Carol
who knew my mom
has "momma's iris"
blooming right now at her home in Hampton

"Momma Iris"
has been blooming in
many, many other gardens of friends
and very soon "slips" will be dug up once again
and sent to
 Beth in Wisconsin
Joan in Virginia
and Penny in Illinois
plant sharing is one of our oldest arts
many gardens have had their "beginnings"
from the sharing of slips and perennials
from a friends garden

what a wonderful thing it is to
look out the window
stroll through the yard and gardens
and see a plant budding, growing, thriving
and remember the friend who shared it

White Bleeding Heart
shared from my dear, dear friend
"Miss Barbie"
Beautiful each year, this year especially so!
"You can't go wrong with a bit of sharing and kindness."

Happy Gardening

Live and Love,


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your mum's iris's are beautiful Lynne and how wonderful that they are still going strong. It's lovely when we swap plants with friend's and family, isn't it ? When I walk around my garden, plants are popping up that were given to me and it makes the garden even more special. XXXX

MarmePurl said...

So I will have my 'peacock' on my farm after all.
You are the best!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne, I thought you went missing. I hope you were just busy with the gardening and family? Your mum's Irises are beautiful, I have some growing in my yard too. Have a happy day and week ahead!

barb said...

Love mamas iris history.

Kim said...

I took irises from my mom, who took irises from her mom! :)

Jeanie said...

You have two of my favorites -- bleeding hearts, which remind me of my grandmother (I planted two this year -- I hope they "take!" -- and iris, which of course is the namesake of my dear Aunt Iris. Your garden is looking fabulous and I love the stories of all the flowers!

Missy George said...

Nice that your garden has such stories and history..Fun...and pretty as well..

Linda said...

Hi Lynne...
Fabulous! I agree...the best way to be a gardener, is to share the wealth!
Your Moms Iris are beautiful...
I have my Moms Peonies in my garden, and I think of her every time....♥️
Enjoy your evening...
Linda :o)

Beth @ PlantPostings said...

I agree: Sharing plants is the best! And then remembering all the friends who shared the plants is sweet! Your Irises have multiplied even as you have shared them. What joy! Cheers!

Deanna said...

Oh I love that your Mom's Iris's have gone from garden to garden. I have a nice big clump that a dear friend gave to me and everytime I see them bloom I think of her. Bleeding Hearts are such lovely flowers, gardens bring such enjoyment and sharing them with others is so rewarding.