Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Garden Wall . . .

Friends of mine, Barb and Richard, are building this charming garden wall.
Richard is doing the construction work.
And Barb is doing the "watching and input piece."

I stopped over to visit them the other day.
Barb had mentioned the "garden wall" process that was going on and I was excited to see it.

Outstanding, stellar workmanship and style.
Broken concrete, stacked and creatively sculpted in to place.
Memorabilia has been placed here and there throughout . . . look carefully you might find
a wine bottle, piece of pottery and an old broken wall piece from their school.

I thought the wall had a bit of an Irish flare.
I think I need to find some Crocosmia to plant there for them.

It is just simply wonderful . . . great plan, creativity, excellent crafting Richard and Barb!


Such tragedy, devastation, flood, fire, hurricane, quakes are happening all around us.
Let us help however we can . . .
Most especially, let us keep our friends/neighbors in our hearts and caring.

Love ~


Missy George said...

How beautiful and clever to boot..I would never thought of using broken pieces of concrete..It looks great. Love the bits of memorabilia. Tanks for sharing Lynne...

Marge in Michigan said...

Good evening, Lynne. Your friends' fence is neat and I just love how those sunflowers look there. What a clever idea to include memorabilia in the broken blockwork.

Jeanie said...

That looks fabulous. And LOADS of back-breaking work! Love it with the sunflowers. So cheery!

krishna said...

it is so beautiful..

Please visit:

krishna said...

Hi Lynne,
Thank you for your lovely comment.. I'm following you.. will you follow me back please?

Linda said...

HI Lynne...this is fantastic!! And such healthy looking plants...
Love the Sunflowers...
Enjoy your evening...
Linda :o)