Friday, February 21, 2020

Two Rings and a Bracelet . . .

A few days ago I did a post on,
“It’s the little things . . .”
 remember, the post with the feather . . . 
Terra commented/asked to see my rings, bracelet.  
(“Now I want to see your two rings and bracelet, 
they must be meaningful to you, plus pretty . . . “)

show and tell above, explanations below
Each day I put on my two rings and my favorite bracelet, 
(well to be honest, I have a few favorite bracelets.)  
I usually wear one or three . . .
sometimes I mix it up and wear five and a bit of color too.  
This inexpensive alex & ani is on my wrist most often.  
I like the simplicity and supposedly this bracelet means 
Protection, Knowledge, Healing
I just happen to like it.
And here are my two rings.  

The gold ring with the silver is my wedding ring.  
It will soon be 23 years with “Mister Irish!”
We took gold and silver from our past and had matching rings 
created for us when we were married.  

The silver ring is new.  I had previously worn a wide silver band, 
with an indention in the middle.  I loved it!  
Not sure where I lost it in the first few days of January.  
Think it is a “goner” . . . 
I remember taking it off while I was washing dishes, (dishwasher quit.) 
because it kept slipping off when my hands were wet.  
I have looked high and low.  
My hands are not pretty, what with arthritis 
and an injury to my right ring finger.  
(Another story)
(We have a new dishwasher!)
Here is the feather with some “link” bracelets 
I like to wear them to change things up.
My Charm Bracelet is from the 50’s-60’s . . . 
Do you remember Forget Me Not charms?
I have three . . . from my parents, mom, dad, brother.  
Years ago they were strung on a black ribbon when I wore them.  
Sometimes I add some color. 
Here are two more of my favorites. 
We have had some beautiful days of sun and blue.
And temperatures of 8-10 degrees.  
I like that kind of teasing!

Thank you for following, visiting, commenting.  

What about you, rings, bracelets, silver, gold, jewels??

‘til next time


NanaDiana said...

What fun to see the things that are special to you. I have quite a bit of jewelry-my son owned a jewelry store for many years-but I seldom wear more then the same 3 or 4 pieces. I have items earmarked for my grandgirls. xoDiana

Marge in Michigan said...

Hello, Lynne. I love this post! Thank you for sharing your rings, bracelets & the sweet little feather. And spring is coming...I can feel it in my bones! LOL!

MarmePurl said...

Treasures indeed.
Great Post!

babs said...

Can't linsert a picture...darn..took a nice one.

This N That said...

I love jewelry..most of mine is old and your first style for sure..Thanks for sharing...It's nice to have few treasures..ENjoy your weekend..Hugs..

Jeanie said...

I love this! It makes me smile, very big. I wear several things each day and rarely take them off -- my grandmother's gold wedding band, a silver ring with opal stone from our trip to Utah and a silver circle necklace that used to have about 30 diamond chips in the circle. Those have long fallen out but I still wear the necklace and have for a good 15 years or more. I love your charm bracelet. I still wear mine that my parents started when I was in college, sometimes with my Pandora bracelet that a friend started for me and has since been filled by that friend, another and Rick. All personal.

Karen Lakis said...

I love that the things you wear are meaningful to you! I do believe that we also have very similar taste - I love them all. It’s a fairly recent discovery to me that I most enjoy bracelets. Sometimes only one, but often I enjoy stacking several. Thanks for sharing yours!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Beautiful jewellery Lynne .... I love all of it. They say that when you lose a piece of jewellery, you have no need for it anymore and someone else gets to have it for a while ! XXXX

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Oh Lynne, I love this! Each piece is beautiful and with its own story and memory that makes them treasures and a part of you.

laixinjie said...

I love that the things you wear are meaningful to you! custom pillows