Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Flower Play Day . . .

Oh I had my “flower play day” in my plans but my “gifting” today needed to come up with a new plan.  My friend “Little Missy” has a birthday in a few days so I knew one arrangement would go to her.  Birthday gal Lee was not going to be around today so I will catch her later.   I needed some “flower cheer” so I made myself first on the list.  Plus I decided my manicure friend would be on the list too!  

I stopped at Home Goods a few days ago and found some “vessels” to hold tulips, daisy’s, greens. If you need some “spring time punches,” stop in there.  Valentine things are getting picked over but the “bunnies” were hiding where ever I looked!

Part of the fun for flower play day is choosing containers . The most inexpensive is to stop at the ReStores, Goodwill, Salvation Army . . . A post I started weeks ago.  Not deleting it . .. I have another quick post which will follow.

Happy May 23rd . . . 

Flower Play every day!


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Jeanie said...

I still have some money left on a Home Goods gift card -- I might have to make a stop. Lovely, Lynne!