Friday, October 8, 2021

Book Club . . .

Book Club 
Great discussion
A lovely luncheon table was set for four
Delicious chili
Lots of laughter
Next read
Miss Benson’s Beetle

My first experience with a book club.
I am enjoying the experience.  
It seems to have enhanced my read 
to be listening to others.
Plus there seems to be more discussion
on writing style, characters, story surprises.
A few of us offered/read quotes that “spoke” to us.  
There were differences and there were likes.  
This was our second book review.  
We are meeting every two months.  
It has been good for me to do something new.  

Aren’t you impressed!
Three posts in a short amount of time.
Enjoy these lingering days.  
Plenty of yellow beauty around here.  
“Mister Irish” and I plan on some day trips 
in the next few days
to see more color in new places.

That will be after we get the tree company here to remove 
a huge limb that fell out of a tree, I think the wind helped.
And a lawn service pro here on Columbus Day
to let us know what critter is destroying our beautiful lawn.  
There is always something, isn’t there!

‘til next time


MarmePurl said...

Book Clubs can be fun and it's always nice to try something new.
Think of you often Dear One.

barb said...

Oh boy, quite sure I would get an F at a book club. I have a wandering mind and can't concentrate enough to take questions. It sounds like fun though.

Jeanie said...

Book clubs are great if it's a good combo of people. And if you at least talk about the book!