Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Winter Day Flower Play . . .

 Wish I could find the way to CENTER my writing.  
I will figure it out soon, I hope!
I purchased some tulips and lily like flowers to 
make an arrangement for a friend celebrating her 80th
Then I decided I needed a flower treat too! 

The puzzle I am working on is beautiful
BUT it is the most difficult puzzle ever!
I am trying to enjoy the challenge! 

Enjoy these final January days . . .
Warm temps and very little snow near us.  
I will try and get some pictures of the 
ice sculptures near Lake Michigan. 


Brenda said...

I love it not centered. Love your blog.

Jeanie said...

I love your tulips! And that puzzle will be great.

To be honest, I prefer it not centered -- it's easier for me to read. But here's how to do it:

At the top of your dashboard (with the bold, italic, all that) to the right of the smiley face is an icon that has several lines, lined up at the left with a drop down carrot next to it. Block the copy you want centered with control a and click on that and then on the one that shows the lines looking centered. It SHOULD center everything in your post, for sure what was blocked.

Hope that makes sense!

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Beautiful arrangements and a beautiful puzzle. Same weather over here this January...very unusual. Sounds like that's about to change next week. It would be nice to have sunny days in the 20s--normal late January/early February weather.

Retired Knitter said...

Beautiful pictures like always! We all need a “pop” of color in our lives!

Michelle said...

I like seeing the flowers. It is such a dreary time of year here. I am trying to catch up as I haven't been very active in blogging!