Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To The Cemetery . . .

Memorial Day,
a day to give pause and honor
for those who have died.

I don't hesitate to make a trip to the cemetery. 
In fact I find it a quiet place to visit. 
There is no rush or scattered, frantic, hurry. 
I enjoy seeing others tending and reflecting. 
I imagine the life stories of the many lives
marked in marble, stone and in personal markings. 

Thoughts of parents surround me 
of the children who have died
and the hopes, dreams, promises that must have also died.
 My heart feels love and tenderness.   

I find history and who is left to tend, to reflect?

 I remember a death of almost 31 years ago.  
I don't have to go to the cemetery to remember.
Although in going I am reminded once again
of my husband, love, memories, laughter, children, friends and family.

It feels right and good
to honor, to respect,
to reflect.

Walk through a cemetery sometime. 
Stop . . . pause . . . reflect.
Love, Lynne

Bits and Pieces
People important to you, people unimportant to you
cross your life, touch it with love and carelessness and move on.

There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of relief
and wonder why you ever came in contact with them.

There are people who leave you and you breathe a sigh of remorse
and wonder why they had to go away and leave such a gapping hole.

People change homes.
People grow apart.
Enemies hate and move on.
Friends love and move on.
Children change and grow and make choices and move on.

You think of the many people who have moved into your hazy memory.
You look on those present, and wonder.

I believe in the presence of God in our lives.

People move in and out of one another's lives and each person leaves
its mark, “it’s touch,” on the other.

You find that you are made up of bits and pieces
of all who have ever touched your life,
and you are more because of it,
and you would be less
if they had not touched you.

Pray God that you accept the bits and pieces in humility and wonder,
and never question and never regret.

Bits and Pieces, Bits and pieces
author unknown
paraphrased from original


Aunt Barb said...

You,my friend, have a wonderful gift. Very nicely done.

Connie said...

Life -- so hard, yet so good!