Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering . . .

we each remember
where we were
 who we were with

it was breakfast
with a grandson
he in the high chair
me watching tv

this little tike
was watching
it all

one could say
he was too young
to remember

not so
he remembers
people running
big buildings
falling down

years later
his words
" . . . not flying in an airplane, they burn with fire . . ."

subtle fears
such a young child

changed innocence
not fair

very sad

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donna said...

I'm a Wisconsinite, but luv Western MI. Not so much the Lions:)

Our DIL was still pregnant with our dear grandson on September 11, 2001. I distinctly remember feeling frightened for him. This year I took him to a 9/11 lecture/slide show at the museum and it was the first time that he realized it was passenger planes and not military planes that hit the WTC. He was shocked.

I'll be back. donna