Monday, February 18, 2013

Snickers and Thank You . . .

I have a story to tell
I do not like my picture taken.
The mother of the house
must like my eyes or nose or something

I usually don't sit still for this stuff . . .
but she started talking to me and
saying things like
TJ and Paws
and these are the words that really get my
ears a twitching and my head moving
 cuz' these are my doggie cousins
and I like them
and going north a bit
play with them
so I listened up because
I thought there might be good news
she told me I was a very good girl
and I could go play with my dog cousins very, very soon
 I was a happy doggie
and said thank you
and told her
I would always sit very still
for my pictures from now on!
One more thing,
my mom got all excited and crazy like
when the mail came yesterday.
I guess she won some giveaway treats
from some friends
and she asked me to tell them
she is very happy with her tea and things
from Honora of Victoria British Columbia
and her1900"s French charm from Corey!

(Love, Lynne)


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Well, now! You are two lucky chickies!
And beautiful ones at that :)
Snickers, you are a lucky pupster!
xo, misha

Pondside said...

I'm so happy it arrived - and I hope that Lynne will share the tea with you!

eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, Lynne! Your Snicker is so cute. Posing so nicely for you. I hope she will be playing will her cousins soon. Congrats on your lovely gifts. The tea and the charm are both lovely presents. Hope you are staying warm there, have a great day! Eileen

Kim K. said...

How darling is your snickers. Such a pretty fur baby. Congratulations on your lovely gifts.

Nancy Claeys said...

So cute you are Snickers! I hope to see more of you. xo

Jill said...

Snickers! You are the cutest and you have stolen my heart!

Nancy said...

G'morning, Snickers. Say "hi" to your mum. I hope she takes you to play with your cousins soon. Tell her I'm a little envious of her wonderful presents. Have lots of fun today. Hugs.

babs said... are precious! Congrats on the giveaways!

TexWisGirl said...

snickers, you are just so stinking cute! little button eyes and nose and the sweetest poser! :)

Heather said...

Now, that is just waaaaaay toooooo sweet! Adorbable! Enjoy your pressie! Cheers~

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh sweet Snickers. You are just an adorable pup and I'm sure you will have a fun time with your pup cousins. Lynne, your gifts are wonderful. I'm still waiting for mine and am afraid it got lost in the mail! :(

Gina Gao said...

These pictures are so cute!

Missy George said...

I really love your pictures of Snickers..He doesn't look very happy in some of those..What a cutie...

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
Truly delightful images. With what joy your days must be filled!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Snickers is simply cute.

Congrats on the wonderful gift.


At Home in English Valley said...

Holy Smokes mail from Corey!!!! Didn't know you were a winner! So much fun this blogging! That little furry face is so cute! Watching Cinderella with the girls today, helping with my heartache. Let's talk soon. Love, Penny

24 Corners said...

Snickers, you are so cute...and very eloquent I might add! I hope you mommy shares her treats with deserve a cup after writing such a sweet post!
Congratulations Lynne...and well done Snickers!
xo J~

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Oh you lucky lady...wonderful prizes and a cute pup to tell us about it! Congratulations!!

Gail said...

Good dog! Soon, you will get to play soon.

I love surprises in the mail.