Friday, June 21, 2013

Random 5 Friday . . .


Random 5 Friday
is the fun part of the day

although first i want to extend a
thank you to my friend
who treated me to a wonderful
belated birthday the other day

i rambled on about myself on
a photographer in the making 
and i neglected to focus on
the real purpose of my post
which was to
thank barbie
for the fabulous day

thank you
and now on to my randoms for the week

~ ~ ~

 1.  We have been enjoying blue sky days with no humidity.
However, today the temperatures changed
and they are in the 80's with high humidity . . .
this weather pattern is to last for several days. 
2.  Once you do something long enough it becomes a habit. 
Like not eating nuts and chocolate for several weeks.
3.  Seems like though . . . when one food goes away
something new creeps in and becomes a favorite,
 like Pizza or Asiago Bagels.

4.  Windex wipe pads work great for
cleaning highly placed outdoor windows. 
You use their telescoping pole,
hose the windows down, moisten the Windex pad,
scrub the window, rinse it off, presto . . . done!
I was not asked to promote
Windex Window Wash Pads.

5.  This weekend we are supposed to see a
huge moon in the night sky.  
I hope the viability will be perfect.
I will let you know if I see it.
Let me know if you see it too. 
This is a day when you can link up with
with five random facts about yourself.
No stress here, just interesting and fun.

Random 5 Friday

Nancy's Guidelines:
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2. Posts not containing 5 random facts may be deleted
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3.Visit a few other participants if you are able.
This is a very friendly community!

just one more thing
how many know what this
i found this at barbie's house today
guess where it was hanging



Anonymous said...

Is it a clothes pin bag? Sure looks like one. :)

TexWisGirl said...

we used a plastic bleach jug with a notch cut into the ear handle and a scoop cut out in front. :)

PlantPostings said...

Random 5 Friday -- I like that! I used to have one of those clothespin bags. Am I dating myself? Wish I had more sun in my yard for hanging out clothes--they smell so good when dried in the fresh air!

Jim said...

Hi Lynne -- Happy Birthday!!! (a belated wish)
Thanks for the heads up on the large moon. Guess it is special for summer. We did see it while walking. Tonight was a beautiful evening here (in Texas).

Lynn said...

Beautiful hibiscus photo, I keep the pins in an ackward basket this looks far more practical.

debra @ HOMESPUN said...

Same weather here ( Western PA ) with humidity returning and I TOO SAY UGH!

Bah Humbug to humidity!:)

Terri said...

Clothes pin bag! Although I was much too lazy to use mine much, just left the pins wherever they landed on the line! Ugh on the heat- it was so blooming hot here yesterday, I couldn't handle it.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I use an empty coffee can for my pins. I'm just too hard on bags. I think my mom has been using the same bag for many years -- obviously, I did not inherit that gene. Lol.

eileeninmd said...

Hi Lynne, I hope you get to see the super moon and I am wishing for a clear night. I love pizza and could never give it up! Have a happy weekend!

Jill said...

Love seeing clothes pin bags hanging on the line!

missy said...

That's too funny..Wait til you see Mondays post that I just wrote..I need one of those..

Bonnie said...

Lynne, I did see the fabulous moon and got some fabulous pictures. I hope to post them tonight or tomorrow. B

Gail said...

I love clothes pin bags. Make mine out of old shirts and even jeans.

I shall look forward to the moon.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

strawberry moon tonight; it's going to be amazing.

24 Corners said...

Lynne...did you see the moon, it was so bright and beautiful. I tried to take pictures but that didn't work out to well. Love the clothespin bag...such a summery feeling that evokes.
Hope you are well... and enjoying these first days of summer!
xo J~

24 Corners said...

And a very Happy Belated Birthday!!! Seems you were lovingly spoiled a it should be!
xo J~