Monday, August 5, 2013

Stuffed Animals and Ear Holes . . .

it all began
with this little bear
he is a
for the past few weeks
I have been going through
upstairs, downstairs, attic, all around the house
sorting, keeping, tossing
I have been collecting
children's toys, stuffed animals, books
and many other collectibles for the past
many, many years
maybe it was the teacher in me
maybe it was my parents
who were caretakers of old, precious, treasured
maybe it is just me
maybe it is just time
the oldest 'grand' will be twenty three
the youngest just turned fifteen
match box cars
lincoln logs
dolls, stuffed animals and more
plus my children's treasures
needed some sorting out
when my suzie was a young girl
her uncle phelps
began a steiff animal collection for her
in suzie's bedroom she had a shelf
which ran around her room
where she kept her collectibles
dolls, stuffed animals, favorite things
it might be difficult to see
but in the ear of a steiff animal
there is a small gold, silver button
if you know of this collectible
this marked the authenticity of a
Steiff Stuffed Teddy Bear or Animal
in this ear
there is a hole
where the original button once was
suzie didn't like the buttons
and she removed all of them
as well as any tags or identifying labels
the value of something
belongs with the owner
these animals sat at many a tea party
they were held, loved, caressed
they were talked to
and secrets were shared
this is a teddy bear
I purchased
years after suzie received her animals
buttons in the ears
labels and tags in place
I can't believe I purchased
this teddy for this price
Suzie's Steiff Animals
 are the most valuable
always for her
and for me


TexWisGirl said...

lots of treasures in your home...

barb said...

Love that Barbie doll. Would you believe I never had one?

Jojo said...

What an amazing collection! I chuckled to myself about the removal of the gold button. Isn't that just
Like a child...they play with their toys!

Pondside said...

No toy dealer could afford the price of toy that is valued in love!

Margaret Adamson said...

A great collection you have there.

pembrokeshire lass said...

You are so right! There's nothing so touching as a well loved toy. My teddy bear has lost one of his arms and the other's hanging by a thread. I was a sickly child and in those days they kept you in bed. He shared many a tear and frustration with me! I'm sure your daughter enjoyed her animals so much that the labels and buttons would really have got in the way! Joan

eileeninmd said...

So many cute animals..what a lovely collection. I always had a thing for teddy bears, they were my favorite. Wonderful memories and images, Lynne! Have a happy day!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What an amazing collection of toys. Even better because they were loved. I always enjoy seeing others with toys still in their home long after the children are gone. Hugs to you and your stuffies (as Josie calls them).

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a precious collection. You have some wonderful treasures. My daughter's stuffed animals attended many tea parties and play restaurant dates when she was young.

Jill said...

This is the most treasured of treasures!

Bonnie said...

It is so hard to go though our children's collections. I always think I am going to cull, but end up just finding a new way of storing. I am hopeless. Your bear is precious and a great find. Have a wonderful Tuesday. Bonnie said...

one of my friends owned a teddy store.
She had the collectiable. Awesome.

Try and give away furry to hospitials for kids.

After she sold the store the Hospital

would not recieve because of alergies.

missy said...

I have a little Steiff bear and 3 bears made from mink by a local furrier. Otherwise they're gone !!!
You still have quite a few..Your time will come :)...

Rain said...

Just admiring all your treasures...... Several people are going to be totally enthralled by these...
So many memories........: