Thursday, January 23, 2014

Never Say Never . . .

because as soon as you do
what you said you weren't going to do or talk about
you do exactly that
I said I wouldn't talk about the weather ever again
along with non stop sub zero temperatures
"they" said we might get three to four inches of snow
more like a foot
this is what it looked like on
January 22, 2014
it was like a blizzard
like marshmallows falling from the sky
white, grey, cabin feverish

  photos taken from the inside looking out
and then there was today
January, 23, 2014
- 4 here this morning
but then things began to get lighter and
this glorious blue sky appeared
I love the shadows
these pictures were taken around eleven this morning
Jack snow blows trails to the bird feeders
so pretty
the bottom of that bird feeder almost
sits on top of the snow bank
porch sitting has been at a minimum
I thought this was an interesting picture through a screened window
until next time
wrap up in some
wool blankets and down comforters
where it is freezing cold
stay cool with your 80 degree temperatures on the west coast
 be careful on the icy roads you Michiganders
oh, one more thing
surprise, surprise
blizzard warnings out for us tomorrow afternoon
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

i like that description - like marshmallows falling from the sky. :) it is beautiful, but the severe cold sure keeps you contained. be safe and well! we're falling into the teens in texas tonight.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's very beautiful...and yes there certainly is a lot of it.

We seem to have less this year, and that is not good.


Art and Sand said...

I have to laugh because we are departing sunny southern California in 2 hours and heading to Utah. We are praying for snow and lots of it today and tomorrow because we are going skiing.

You would love to escape the snow and we are heading toward it.

babs said... was awful yesterday. Took betty and mother grocery shopping in the blizzard. Dah!

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, wow! I should not complain about our last 10 inches. I do get cabin fever, that is why I can not wait until spring.. We had -3 temps yesterday and a little warmer today. Your hubby is sweet to make trails to the feeders, I am sure your birdies are happy about that..Stay warm and safe..

Pamela Gordon said...

Lynne, it really looks so beautiful in your yard with all the fresh snow. It's been quite a winter there and here too. Thankfully the storm yesterday missed us completely but I think we might get something on Saturday and Monday. Stay cozy. Love your photos!!

Sarah Huizenga said...

The sunshine was a welcome relief today.

Michelle said...

The weather seems to be ruling everything these days!

Olive said...

My goodness you are covered up in snow. it is just cold here.

Liz said...

It sure is pretty in your backyard! But this cold and snow is getting OLD! Stay safe and stay warm!! Spring is just around the corner. (I hope)

PlantPostings said...

Very pretty, Lynne. Thanks for your cheery, optimistic attitude. I needed that!

barb said...

Pretty view. I love winter but it gets to be a little too much even for me.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love the description of "marshmallows falling" too. Lots of schools closed but our district (Grandville) is open. It's going to be a fun commute home at the end of the day. Stay cozy.

Nancy Claeys said...

Such a crazy winter we're all having -- we really haven't had a lick of snow, other than a few inches before Thanksgiving.

It is beautiful there Lynne -- keep smiling! :)

Anonymous said...

The blue skies that come the day after a snowstorm are always such a brilliant blue. I do love that!

Missy George said...

It's beautiful Lynne..That's all I'm going to say :)

Ida said...

Wow that is a bunch of snow. While we aren't in the 80's here by any means we are not snowed under either (for which I'm grateful). Loved seeing the snow with the blue skies and am so glad your hubby is helping to look out for the birds.

Lois said...

Lovely winter scenes.

Nancy said...

Lovely winter photos, Lynne. I like the shot through the screen. Very artsy, my friend. :)