Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday . . .

ONE:  If you are snowed in, make a warm soup, or a favorite comfort food.  
It really helps and pleases the tummy too.
I made my mother's Swiss Steak and it turned out "just like moms!"
And I also made a Blueberry Buckle
Sorry, no pictures!

TWO: I joined a book club this month which meets at a local coffee house.
We reviewed The Book Thief for January 
and the book for next month is Tell The Wolves I'm Home.
For me, it was a non stop read.
In fact I could tell it was a good book because almost toward the end, 
I stopped reading, . . .I didn't want the book to end.
This is my mark of a really, really good book, when I don't want the story to end!
I finished it though and was filled with compassion, empathy and tears!

THREE: Did I tell you that I am going to be a great granny?
They are going to call me GG. I like that!
We went to the Reveal Party a few weeks ago.
It was held at a fun pizza place called Bernie O's.
Daddy, Tyler and Mommy Alena 
cut the cake to reveal whether it was going to be a boy or girl.
More pink than blue so it looks like 
It Is A Girl
In late April we will know for sure. 

FOUR: Granddaughter Amanda received her Chef Jacket in culinary the other day.
Exciting indeed . . . see her name on the front of the jacket?
Amanda is in Culinary College in Grand Rapids, Michigan

FIVE: Hi there, just wanted to thank you for all my star status!
My "mom" asked me to tell you to be careful, safe and
She also just told me that they are sending people along the lakeshore home from work sites today and are requesting people to stay off the roads and stay home!
My "mom" had an appointment earlier this morning and on her
return home it took her one hour to make the drive
and it usually only takes her only fifteen minutes.
I am happy she made it home safe and sound. 
My "mom" was a nervous wreck!
Random 5 Friday
join in and meet some new friends 
thank you Nancy for hosting


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I LOVED that book! it was one of my favorite reads in 2012.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Congratulations on all the exciting family happenings!

I must start getting my books in order while I'm home in February recovering from surgery. That sounds like a wonderful book. Glad you are home safe and sound. I'm going to pack my office shortly and head home too.

TexWisGirl said...

snickers, tell your mom to stay home! :)

congrats on the new chef status! and congrats to the cake-pink-spiller, too!

TexWisGirl said...

and 'just like mom's' made me grin. :D

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Just added that book to my amazon wish list - thanks!

Diane Baker-Williams said...

The book thief was a great read. I will have to add the other book to my reading list!

Pamela Gordon said...

Loved your random 5 today, Lynne. Congratulations on your soon to be GG status! That's awesome. And congratulations to your granddaughter on becoming a chef. That's quite a thing! Snickers worries about you so be very careful when you have to drive on stormy days. Enjoy the weekend.

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, I will have to write that book title down. Sounds great. The cake look interesting, what are they jelly beans? Congrats to your new Chef! Poor Snickers is worried about his Mom. I am glad you made it home safely.. Take care and stay warm..Have a happy weekend!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations to you and both your granddaughters. I am so happy you enjoyed "Tell the Wolves I'm Home". It was such a touching read. You will love "The Book Thief". It is one of my very favorite books. Stay safe and warm! Bonnie

Sarah Huizenga said...

Congrats. on the GG status. Congrats to Amanda that is a big deal. The book looks good thanks for the recommendation I will put it on my list.

Nancy Claeys said...

Congrats on your soon-to-be GG status. That's exciting! And kudos to the new chef in the family. xo

Buttons said...

Oh I LOVE GG that is special congratulations. The Chef jacket looks wonderful she made it Yeah I am sure you are proud.I would love to join a book club. Be safe it is nasty here too.B

barb said...

Thanks for the book recommendation. Going to check it out.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Congrats to all, what great news in your family.

Stay safe, and be careful on that ice.


Nonnie said...

My oldest granddaughter named me "Grams" and my late hubby "Poppy."
My 3-year old great-granddaughter named me "Mimi." just sayin' :)
I'm glad you visited me, and thank you for sharing. I'm now a follower. Stay warm and stay safe!

Nonnie said...

dang, I forgot to say how proud I know you are of the new chef in your family. and I will suggest Tell the Wolves I'm Home to my bookclub. thanks!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dearest Lynne, I love that you are going to be Gigi...see how I frenched it up. I can almost hear Maurice Chevalier singing to you!
I've had more soup this winter! Lot's of fires in the fireplace, but I am more than a little stir crazy. Cabin fever! Stay safe my friend. That huge accident in Indiana really shook me up. Jon and Charlotte travel that route often, and now Mike has a "friend" in Lansing. I know whatever we got on my side of the Lake you got twice as much. Spring will come... Love, Penny

At Home in English Valley said...
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Jean | said...

How exciting! My aunt was called GG by her great grandchildren. She and you are the only people I've heard of with that name - I really like it! I would have loved going to chef school like Amanda. said...

Congrats on being a GG.

Oh congrats on the Chef. Cool!
Pictures are nice

Rain said...

Oh Lynne- congrats!! I'm Gigi to mine!! Because all the other names were taken and I wanted my own for something so special !! It gets confusing- my mom is Grammie to some snd Mimi to others!! Take care- eat soup and stay off the roads!!!!
Fondly, rain :)

Missy George said...

I think I would have skipped the appointment..Not crazy about winter driving...I'll have to put that book on my ever growing list.

PlantPostings said...

So cute! Congratulations on the great grandbaby and the chef in the family! Wow! I like this idea of "random five." Glad you got home safely!

Nancy said...

I liked your randoms, Lynne. The reveal cake is cute. Young couples are so creative these days. Congratulations to Amanda. . quite an accomplishment. Snickers is a star, for certain. Cutest dog ever. Glad you arrived home safe and sound. xx ~ Nancy