Friday, September 8, 2017

Open Your Heart, Open It Wide . . .

You may remember my story from a few weeks ago . . .
I am a volunteer at the hospital, located at the front entrance.
I escort patients to various tests, scans, etc . . .
or escort people looking for emergency
or visitors who are visiting someone in the hospital.

As I was escorting a woman to the elevators a few weeks ago,
aka "woman" looked at me and said, "do you blog . . . "
a bit stunned I said, "yes" . . .
"are you Lynne of Irish Garden House"
"YES, I AM" I said a bit surprised and still stunned!

We visited briefly,
she mentioned that she had been following me for awhile.
Stating that my mention of Ireland/Irish was what initially caught her eye
since she too had visited Ireland.

I went on to my escorting and she went on to visit a friend in the hospital.

Since then Marge from Michigan
has been commenting on my posts
and we have exchanged emails.
Getting to know one another a bit.

We met Thursday this week for lunch at a restaurant in her "neck of the woods!"
Happy she remembered what I looked like . . .
I walked in the restaurant, looked around, didn't reconize anyone, walked back out to the entry . . .
Marge saw me when I walked in and came right out to greet me.

I found it interesting that Marge's comments of things she had seen on
Irish Garden House were things I had posted four to five years ago.
I mentioned this to Marge and she said . . .
"Oh my yes, I have been following you for a long time!"
We had visited many of the same places like
the Kennedy Homestead in Wexford and New Grange near Dublin.

I ejoyed Marge's interest in gardening.
Especially the Straw Bale gardening she and her husband have been doing.
I also enjoyed hearing about her children, grandchildren and other interests.

Marge told me about a deer resistant plan called Thrift-Leaf Perky Sue.
Deer and rabbit are not fond of this Daisy like flower.

The serendipity of meeting Marge and not knowing her,
yet she knowing so much about me from my blog
reminded me of this Mary Englebreit card.

So here you go . . .

Open My Heart
Open It Wide
You Just Never Know Who Is Standing Outside
(or near the elevator)

I enjoyed lunch Marge and getting to know you.
I look forward to our "next time!"
Love ~


Anonymous said...

That is so incredible to find a friend who already knows you 😉 It is true you never know. I hope to meet you some day and time will tell if we show up in the same space someday. Hugs B

Sarah Huizenga said...

What a delight to get together and learn about her, since she already knew a lot about you. I still remember our couple of meetings, such a treat.

Marge in Michigan said...

Hi, Lynne. We're proof positive it's a small world afterall! It was a fun lunch and I hope we can do it again soon too.


eileeninmd said...

Hello, I almost missed this post. It is so nice you were able to meet a new blogger friend. It is a small world. Wonderful photos. Happy weekend to you.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Adorable photo of the two of you!

diane said...
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MarmePurl said...

Blogger buddies are the best!

Kim said...

Amazing story of connection via words and common interests and experiences. THIS is what the news should be reporting. There are so many wonderful people in the world, kind, loving and friendly. Let's celebrate that for a change. Enjoy your new friendship, Lynne! Sounds like you two had a ton of fun!

Jeanie said...

I love this story! Marge sounds cool -- I think she should write a blog, too! Don't you love how this weird old cyber-system brings together so many from near and far? Sigh!

Lovely photo of you both!